B-Wing Shooting Schedule & Supporting A Fan Film

The pilots have been chosen…..

I’ll be announcing who our B-Wing pilots are next week.

Chris, our cameraman for the B-wing shoot, has done a lot of research into the type of lenses that were used during the filming of ROTJ, so we will be using the same or similar lenses to those originally used. This will help to blend in the old with the new footage.

Saturday, October 20th, we will be shooting the cockpit scenes. Then, on the Sunday, we will be shooting something else…..

Chris is in the process of producing a Star Wars fan film. This will feature a B-wing pilot, so a few scenes will be filmed using the Revisited cockpit. So it can have one final use before it is dismantled and scrapped.

Here is a link to Chris’s Kickstarter page for his short, ” Why We Fight”. If you can help Chris reach his target by either donating or sharing the kickstarter page to any Star Wars groups you are a member of to get the word out, then it would be much appreciated.


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Battle of Yavin HD Color Correction Preview

Time is running out on Adywan’s search for B-Wing pilots, so in the vein of pilots, he’s shared a new clip of pilots!

Here is a short video showing the new colour grading of the beginning of the Battle of Yavin for the HD version of ANH:R. No FX have been done so far, this is just to give you a taste of how it will look compared to the official Blu-Ray.

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RotJ:R B-Wing Pilot Casting Call (Wolverhampton, UK)

Do you want to be in ROTJ:R?

Well here’s your chance…….

Auditions for the B-Wing pilots are now open and here is how you can enter….

Just make a short video of yourself acting out a scene ( doesn’t have to be a scene from the films) as a Rebel pilot during a battle. If you can interact with someone off camera, as if you are communicating via comlink, then even better, as this will be happening during shooting. Then upload the finished video to youtube ( make sure you set the video to “unlisted” for your privacy) and send the link to the video to:

starwarsrevisited@hotmail.com (Mark it “B-Wing Audition” )

Now the only criteria that is set for this is that you must be able to be available for a weekends filming in Wolverhampton, UK, during October (will likely be the second weekend in October) . You may be needed for both days filming, just in case any pick up shots are needed after reviewing the days footage. I am looking for 4/ 5 pilots, but even if you don’t make it into the final selection for a pilot, you could still be asked to be a reserve that would be able to help out on the day . Age, sex etc does not matter.

Videos need to be submitted by Monday 25th June and successful applicants will be notified shortly after to begin arrangements.

Your video will not be shown in public ( on the extra features for ROTJ:R ) if you so wish ( so please add a note to the video link email to express this)


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May 2018 Update

Sorry for the lack of any updates. April/ May is always a busy time for me. Start of some good weather and loads of work to do outside and on the house. Family birthdays and everything that goes with that. So i never usually can manage to do much work on projects.

Saying that, i haven’t fully pushed Revisited to one side. I’ve still been working on ANH grading. That is now about 95% complete. Lots of planning for the pilot shoot also. Work has commenced on the sculpting for the pilots helmets and the chest piece. The red overalls are all completed, so the costumes are coming along nicely. Then it’s onto building the cockpit, which will be happening next month.

So June is when everything will be getting back to normal……

Watch this space……

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March 2018 Update

I’m Back…

I’ve finally got my internet back up and running. LOTS of catching up to do. To those waiting on a reply to messages and emails, i will get back to you as soon as possible. I have a LOT of emails i need to get through after being offline for so long, so it could take a while.

So, what have i been doing since my last update? …..

Colour grading on the HD version of ANH is almost complete. I have completed up to the first trench run, so not too long to go on that. Effects work on that will start shortly after the grading is completed and i will start posting some preview clips.

ROTJ grading will start immediately after ANH is complete.

The new PC is up and running. Sadly Windows 7 couldn’t install on the new system thanks to the Nvme drives and not supporting my chipset( and installing the drivers while installing win7 kept failing) so i had to switch to windows 10. Yuk. That operating system sucks. So many of my older programs refuse to run and, apart from super fast boot up, things seem slower than my older PC in some respects. Luckily rendering is faster, for the most part.

Now that i can finally access my emails, i can do the prize draw, This will be happening next week, so keep an eye out for the winners announcement.

Hopefully, now i’m back up and running, things will go more smoothly.

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February 2018 Update

Sorry for things being quiet lately.

Again i have been hit with some major internet problems. The past few weeks i’ve been unable to access emails, access hardly any websites, zero upload speed and less than 5mb download speed and TV services breaking up all the time. Virgin have been little to no help. Again they said they have run tests and found nothing wrong so it must be something to do with my equipment or something inside my house. 2 engineer visits and the problem remained. 2nd engineer tried to blame the work i had done on my front garden, even though we dug up the cable and he saw that the protective pipe for the fibre was undamaged and hadn’t been touched since it was installed. Plus i wasn’t the only one in my street that were having similar problems. So i had enough of Virgin Media, cancelled my service and signed up with SKY. Funny enough Virgin rang me today to let me know that they found the problem and it would be sorted as soon as possible and tried to get me to stay with them. Sorry Virgin, too late.

With the SKY switch not happening until March 2nd, i will probably be without internet until then, so i will be waiting until the internet is switched before i announce the prize draw winners and begin the pilot auditions.

Again, i’m sorry for things being delayed and the lack of any updates. Normal service will resume shortly. 😉

March 2 Update:

Just a quick update….

Well thanks to the damn weather, they can’t install Sky today. I now have to wait for them to contact me with a new installation date. With Virgin disconnecting me later today, i will be offline until Sky can install my TV/Net.

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January 2018 Update

Here’s the latest update from Adywan:

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New year.

Things have been pretty slow here. I’m finally recovering from 4 weeks of flu and bronchitis , which knocked me for six. So i haven’t been able to do much. But that is going to change in the next week….

I’ll soon be making the B-wing pilot costumes. For the most part I’ll be sticking to the versions they made for ROTJ (but were only ever seen in the background). The only thing i will be drastically changing will be the helmets. The original ones designed and built for ROTJ looked awful. More like earmuffs than actual helmets. I never liked that design so the new ones will have more of a helmet like appearance. The design is almost locked down so i will start sculpting them in the next couple of weeks.

The cockpit designs are also near completion. Lot’s to work out with this though as the cockpit needs to be on some sort of low cost gimbal to give the rocking motion seen in other cockpit shots in ROTJ and for any dramatic shaking needed during the battle. I have a few ideas & one which i’m most likely going to go with that would be quite easy and effective to implement.

Now, staying with the pilots, i will be shortly opening auditions for the pilots. These will be short video auditions that can be easily sent to be via the net. It would, unfortunately, only be open to people that would be available in the first 2 weeks of July, that can get to Wolverhampton for the shooting dates. This would preferably people within the Midlands. More detail about this will be posted soon….

Thanks to being out of action due to illness, i haven’t been able to complete the new PC, but i can get back on that now. So i haven’t been able to get back to work on the colour grading work on ANH & ROTJ after the Xmas break. But that side of things should be completed within the next month, hopefully. So i can then get stuck into the editing and begin the effects work and pre-viz for all the new battle scenes in ROTJ.

Now quite a few people messaged me and posted about a video that has been circulating of a revamped Vader/ Obi-Wan duel from ANH and suggesting that i use footage from that in ANH:R HD. Well, unfortunately (from the preview clips that the creator posted) , that isn’t going to be possible. Not only is the video processed in a stylised way, but also the low camera angles do not match the cinematography seen in the film. It just would not blend in very well. When creating new footage to be inserted in any of the films you have to do it in a way that matches the look of the film. I personally think the re-imagining of the scene done by this person is amazing, but it’s just something that i feel would not fit well when inserted in the film itself.

Also i have been asked many times why i will be altering the design of the Tydirium shuttle. Well it’s something that never seemed right with me ever since my first viewings of ROTJ. Why would they use the same type of shuttle that dignitaries like the Emperor and Vader use for parts and work crew? They wouldn’t. It really needed to be a different type of shuttle.

So that’s it. Over the coming weeks i will post some of the new designs of the cockpits, helmets, shuttle etc. There won’t be any video clips for a few months yet (maybe some to show the colour grading) because i won’t be at the stage where i can share anything new.

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