Sebastian Shaw Restored


Adywan has revealed a work-in-progress image of the restored Old Man Anakin ghost in HD, replacing the Hayden Christensen head that was pasted on for the 2004 DVD release.

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Goodbye Ronto

Adywan has given us a look at some of the work he’s doing on A New Hope Revisited HD, and how utilizing new higher resolution restorations is going to give us a better Revisited overall!

Short video showing one of the easier fixes being done for ANH:R HD, thanks to the 4k77 35mm scan. Although the video shows just one of the shots which solely uses the 4k77 scan, the others (flying droid and the Ronto in the background) use a mixture of the 4k77 combined with the Blu-Ray, which were a lot more complicated because of lots of rotoscoping and matching the grading to each element.

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Color Corrected A New Hope (2011) Now Available on UseNet

The 26GB 1080p regrade is now available in alt.binaries.starwars. You can use these instructions to get it, or wait for someone else to distribute them another way.

Reminder that this is NOT A New Hope Revisited, just the color-corrected Blu-ray base Revisited will be built on.

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Return of the Jedi: Revisited Colour Grading Started

Last night, Adywan started the colour grading stage for ROTJ:R. Here are a couple of sneak peeks of ROTJ:R…


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Empire: Revisited DVD-5 Available & News On Blu-Rays

The NTSC DVD-5 “Barebones Edition” of ESB:R is now available. Links can be found here:

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For those wanting the Blu-Ray edition, then i’m afraid you are not going to be happy. You are going to have to wait a lot longer……

Creating the disc structure, all the special features etc takes a lot of time. So i have decided to go about it a different way. Instead of spending time that could be spent on working on ANH:R & ROTJ:R, i will now be creating and releasing all 3 Blu-Ray versions of the films AFTER i have completed the saga.

This way i can have a 3 disc saga and then just one special Features disc that will feature a longer behind the scenes feature on all 3 films in the Revisited saga, plus all the extra special features that go along with it.

Therefore i can have each disc concentrating on the film only, which will maximise the video bitrate that would otherwise be taken up by the extras, resulting in higher quality BD-25.

I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear, but it is the most sensible way of going around this.

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A New Hope Revisited HD Colour Grading Complete

The colour grading for ANH:RHD is now complete. All that’s left to do now is to render it out, watch it and then make any adjustments necessary. Now i can move onto the colour grading stage for ROTJ.

Here are a few sample comparisons…


A 1080p 25GB mkv version of the colour graded version will be uploaded soon for anyone that wants it.

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Introducing Blue Squadron

39282902_2234995603182676_3183697057084866560_oThese are the B-Wing pilots that will be added to Return of the Jedi: Revisited!

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