How To Get Revisited

Because it can’t be shared enough, please use these instructions from the Facebook Page when trying to figure out how to get Revisited.


First, Star Wars is copyrighted by LFL and you have to own a copy of the films in order to own a copy of this edit. This is a free edit/enhancement, if you bought this edit from someone you have to go kick them in the nuts and get your money back (this was also Ady’s suggestion in the pop up video section listing all the changed of ANH:R and we all agree wholeheartedly.). If they do not have nuts, well just get your money back and call them a bad word to make them cry. =P

Now to get Revisited on DVD you have to have a few things:

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Red Eye Reduction?

One of the subtle changes to ANH in Revisited is the fact that Vader’s eyes are no longer red tinted, but black as in ESB and ROTJ. In a post today on about Vader having red eyes in “Star Wars: Rebels”, Adywan expanded on his change:

…it was more down to the fact that the red lenses used were not very well tinted. It caused the viewer to be able to see the face behind the mask. Back in ’77 you weren’t sure if Vader was man or machine or what he was ( which the prequels ruin if you watch them in order), but seeing a human face behind the eyes kind of spoiled that thanks to home video. When i started ANH:R, that was one of the first things i changed. It helped mask the face behind it. I was still learning the tools at the time as i had never touched any grading or fx software before and just plain darkening the eyes didn’t yield good enough results. Plus, the colouring is so messed up on the DVDs/ BluRays that his lenses aren’t red throughout. It was either alter the shots where you could see how red the lenses were, which was easy with desaturation, or mask every shot and recolour them red throughout. Again, at the time, i was still learning and wasn’t sure how to accomplish that.  Another reason was to give continuity with the colour of the other two helmets from ESB & ROTJ ( i was going to remove the yellow tint from ROTJ). Now i know how to remove the face but keep the lenses intact and have them consistent throughout, and that i’m not going to alter them in ROTJ, the red eyes will be back when i do the HD version.

So good news for all you Red-Eye Vader lovers out there, he’s coming back.

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“Fanarchy” – Featuring Adywan & SWR!

From Adywan:

Last year, a Canadian film crew came over to the UK to interview me for their documentary “Fanarchy”. Well, it’s finally coming out next month. It gets it’s USTV premier on July 9th on EPIX. I’ve seen the rough cut and it looks really great. There’s about a 3 minute segment on me and Revisited, including a couple of unseen clips.

Head on over to their facebook page & “like” it for more information and updates……..

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Han In Carbonite Fix Update

Adywan is replacing the close-up shots of Han in carbonite to fix an issue, so here’s the latest update from Ady:

Plasticine is definitely the best material for this job. not only is it easy to mold into the shapes you want, but when heated with a hair dryer, this stuff melts. A light scrape over with a wallpaper scraper tool , and you get a pattern that is almost perfect
Once the sculpt is complete, it will be cast and a resin duplicate made and then painted.

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May The Fourth Dagobah Video!

As promised, here is the clip of Dagobah with the new miniature replacing the old matte painting, and the Nobby White Spider.

Time is also running out to get your hands on one of the tree models used in this clip. There are not many left so, if you are thinking of grabbing one, now would be the time to do it

As usual, the audio in this clip is NOT the finished audio, but just a temporary guide track

EDIT: It seems facebook has once again compressed the hell out of the video. If you want to see this clip in better quality , you can download the original file here: ( It’s just over 200mb)!uR8FhYKY!smt3Mfx6k0QfWtutUhBz2NxrmH7MJ2VGBPrzYJue4PE

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Lead Up To May The Fourth

With May 4th on the horizon, this weekend will see a few more updates on here leading up to Monday when i will post a brand new clip which will show the scene above in our page cover photo. Yes, you will get to see the Nobby White Spider in motion.

This also ties into another thing that will be happening this weekend…… Continue reading

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Wampa Fix

One of the last things Adywan will be working on for Empire Strikes Back Revisited is a new Wampa to help unite the look throughout the movie. In the latest entry of our “Change Explain” series, I’ll show you why Ady feels this is necessary.

The first time we see the Wampa’s face, it was a puppet made by Phil Tippet and shot in the United States.

Here’s a picture of his being filmed on the puppeteer’s arm.

The next time we see the Wampa (at least in the Special Edition), is when it’s snacking on Luke’s poor Tauntaun and is disturbed by Luke waking up.
ILM artist Howie Weed created and wore the new Wampa suit in a miniature set.

The shot of the Wampa lunging towards Luke was in the original theatrical edition.

This was a Stuart Freeborn full-sized costume (seen here from an abandoned sequence where we’d see the Wampa dragging Luke and the Tauntaun back to his lair):

The reaction shot of the Wampa after Luke cuts its arm off was added for the Special Edition.
Once again, this was Howie Weed in the suit.

As you can see, the Wampa in the finished film (as seen on the Blu-ray)  has three very different looks for being the same creature. Adywan is building a new puppet he hopes to use to replace some of these shots and remove the others to create a single look for the Wampa.

Don’t even get me started on all the different Wampa looks for the deleted scenes


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Dabbling In The Prequels

While I have been waiting for stuff to dry (paints, resin, etc.), I decided to start dabbling with the prequels. So I started with Episode 2 as this one looks the worst out of those films. The whole “orange” look to the film gives it a quite flat quality and really doesn’t help with the CG in the film. So I decided to start a quick and dirty colour grading pass. Geonosis is the worse offender. Yes, the planet does have a red sky (at least in the official version) but iIwant to give this film a more natural colour pallet. Now, as I said, this is a very quick and dirty colour grade only done as a test to see what can be achieved and how the film could look with some added grain, so it matched the OT instead of looking like an older digitally shot movie.

Now, if you want to see a proper comparison just click on the sample here:

Some more tests:

Top: Revisited First Colour Pass; Bottom: Original Blu-ray

Top: Revisited First Colour Pass; Bottom: Original Blu-ray

Top: Revisited First Colour Pass; Bottom: Original Blu-ray

Plus some footage:

First is the comparison video: (approx 90mb)

And the second is the regraded version in higher bitrate so you can see the added film grain: (approx 270mb)

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