Fixing The Cockpit Crops

Something that really bugged me about the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of the Original Trilogy ( apart from the messed up colour pallet of course) was the re-framing/ cropping of all the wide shots inside the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit. This was something that started to appear in a few shots in the 1997 SE’s, but was further changed upon the release of the DVD’s. Almost every wide shot inside the cockpit was heavily cropped.

Now many may not have even noticed this, but to me and many others, it stuck out like a sore thumb. Well, not any more……

I have been able to restore these shots to their original framing in glorious HD. Luckily i didn’t have to use those low quality Bonus DVDs that were released in 2006, or any of the other various home video releases, to restore the framing. i had a 1080p scan from a 35mm source. It was a pretty beat up print and badly faded, but did the trick in the end. I have been able to do all of the cropped shots. All i have heard about the cropping is that George preferred the tight framing done in ANH for the cockpits. How true that rumour is, is anyone’s guess.

So…. Click on the link to go to the comparison page…

Main image is the Official Blu-Ray and place the cursor over the image to see the restored version.

And the comparison between the GOUT and Revisited:

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March 2014 Update 2

Another quick note from Adywan on the FB Page:

Not much happening this week. All work on the speeder flaps is now complete and all the video work for those have been completed and added into the editing timeline. Next thing to do is get the HiC [Han in Carbonite] finished and out of the way. But i may just start sculpting the Wampa first instead. Not too sure yet. The HiC is taking up a little too much space in my workroom so probably best to get that done first.

I may well start to sell off some items soon, depending on how much interest there would be in them. Things like the speeder flap, sections of the asteroid canyon etc. I have also been thinking about doing a strictly limited edition run of a cast from the shield generator model, fully painted ( can’t sell the original as that is one of the donators prizes up for grabs). This will help fund the next films as there is a hell of a lot to do with those ones and ESB:R is going to look like a walk in the park compared to those. lol

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On another note, here is a little video that recently went viral. It also features our newest member to the Revisited team, Simon Wilkie as C-3P0 (yes, 3P0 WILL be in the prequels, but not as droid created by Anakin, but as a royal protocol droid, and in his full gold glory throughout)

You can Like Simon’s  Facebook Page here:

And find him on twitter here:

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Snowspeeder Flap BTS + Video


Adywan has finished filming the elements for the speeder flaps that should be visible from inside most cockpit shots during the Battle of Hoth.

Today i filmed the very last shot for the speeder flaps. Had some disasters along the way ( the paint deciding to react with the under-painting and bubble up all of a sudden on the 5 paint job, where it has been fine for the 4 previous ones, for example), but it pretty much went a lot smoother than it could have gone. The very final shot was for Wedge’s screen right speeder flap. The final shot became the only one that didn’t need a second or third take. I got it in one. Now to stick it into the composite and get the last few shots for this section completed…………

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March 2014 Update

Here’s the latest update from Adywan:

Things may have been pretty quiet from us recently, but i can assure you that this isn’t the case behind the scenes. Everything is at full throttle.

For the past couple of days i have been filming the speeder flaps. Now you would probably think that this would be something that is quick and easy to film. Just set up the camera and lights and film the flaps opening and closing. Hell no…..

To give you an idea of what is involved with something like this i will give you a small run down of the process.

First, you need to plan out what each flap will be doing in each separate shot. There are around 16 shots in total that each need to have their own flap movements. You need to split that into the different speeders. There are three in total; Luke’s, Wedge’s and Zev’s. Each of those speeders have 2 flaps. Now, the easy thing would be to film the model flap doing various opening and closing movements and use them for all 3 speeders and just flip the shot for the opposite flap. Unfortunately that just isn’t the right way to go around things. It would be noticeable that each flap was exactly the same one. So, a lot more has to be involved.

First you need to film every shot for Luke’s right speeder flap. The set up process involves matching the lighting, setting up the green screen and then you have to set up the camera and model so that exactly matches the angle of the original full scale speeder set. That isn’t as easy as you would think. Now you are ready to film.

So now you have all the footage for one speeder flap. With there being 3 speeders and each speeder having 2 flaps, that is 5 more versions to film. So, before you can start filming the next one, you have to make the flap visually different. So that means repainting and redoing all the weathering and damage 5 more times. Then, once that is all done, you have to reset the whole shot each and every time.

So, with all the setting up, filming, adding the footage temporarily into the composite to make sure that each shot you need is without any problems ( because once you have repainted the model there is no going back to refilm any needed pickup/ replacement shots) and then disassemble the flap from the main frame and then repaint/weather/damage. With all this happening and allowing for drying times, it takes a full day just to film the footage for just one flap. So, in total, this leads to at least 6 days of work just to film what amounts to a few seconds of screen time.

It may well seem an absurd amount of work for that short amount of screen time, but if you are going to do something, then i feel you have to do it right without cutting corners.

Now there will be some that will say that i could have done it quicker with CG. Well i say, why would i even want to use CG when i can use a real prop? Something that is in the real world and really moving will look so much better than something that is created in the computer ( well CG is getting there as long as you have a multi million dollar budget and FX house of course)

After all this section is completed then there is not much left to complete, shoot and then complete the composite;

Han in Carbonite
Hoth Hangars

…and that is it.

How long will this last stage take? It’s difficult to put any sort of estimate on this as there are so many factors that could slow down or speed up the process. I don’t want to give any more dates because it is just a waste of time, especially when, apart from a few CG effects left to do, all the rest of this is being done solely by me. But 2014 is a pretty good bet.

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Shield Generator Fix

Some have been wondering what Ady’s new Shield Generator model is supposed to fix.

(Theatrical top, Special Edition bottom)

As you can see, the Shield Generator is badly matted into this shot.

When it explodes, the Special Edition keeps the screen white for a longer period of time, obscuring everything.

Once the white dies down, you can plainly see that the generator appears to be undamaged, but is glowing for some reason.

There are also some continuity errors between shots of the generator/bad matting.

generator01 generator02 generator03 generator04

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Prepare To Film The Main Generator


Here’s Adywan’s Shield Generator model, ready for filming! He’s also managed to shoot some behind the scenes footage of him setting it all up.

The generator model is going to be used to replace the bad mattes of the original model and to give a clean plate for the new generator explosion (which unfortunately will not be an actual explosion of this model).


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