ANH:R Change List


Planned changes between the SD version (below) and the upcoming HD version

This list is for the final draft dual layer DVD-9 copy of Revisited.

There are multiple versions of Revisited in standard definition out there, but 4 basic “drafts”:
XVID (usually what you find on YouTube)
DVD-5 (around a 4.7 GB disc)
DVD-9 (around a 9 GB disc, dual layer)
PURIST (around a 4.7 GB disc, without the changes marked below)

Here are the various stages of changes before the DVD-9:

DVD-5 Changes from the Xvid version:
– Removed the ILM crew member from the droid sale
– Removed the wire and batteries seen up Luke’s sleeve in Ben’s hut
– Removed the remaining wires from Ben’s sleeve during the sabre fight
– Ponda Baba’s arm swapped for Dr. Evazan’ s arm & hand
– Slight tweak to the TIE approach. The background & camera is no longer static at the beginning & a new Death Star surface
– Fixed the gunport shot during the TIE battle where the gun remains static when Han swings the chair and the gun can clearly be seen over the top of the chair instead of behind it
– Typos in the credits fixed

DVD-9 Changes from the DVD-5:
– Replaced “fixed shot” where gun was added to the Death Star Control Room to prevent a continuity error and erased a gun from the following shot. Now there are three guns on the rack after our heroes leave the droids behind.
– Remixed Vader’s voice even further to match the rest of the trilogy.

Now on to the full listing…



Teaser Trailer
Final Trailer



  1. Complete colour correction.
  2. New 5.1 audio mix track with reversed surround channels fixed & a greater surround experience, using mainly a remixed 2004 DVD 5.1 audio track with elements of the Belbucus’ restored mono mix, Laserdisc 5.1 audio, the German 2004 DVD 5.1 mix, on set audio and new elements.
  3. Re-rotoscoped all the lightsabers to fix colour (and other) errors.
  4. Added a subwoofer channel to the lightsaber audio to give extra depth.
  5. Re-rotoscoped all of the laser blasts for consistency and added muzzle flashes and impact flashes where needed.
  6. Replaced/enhanced starfields.
  7. Made R2-D2’s lights change color (red/blue, yellow/green) when they flash to match the rest of the saga.
  8. Added blinking red lights to Darth Vader’s chestplate to match the rest of the saga.
  9. Changed Darth Vader’s eyepieces from red transparent to solid black to match the rest of the saga.
  10. Added an extra audio layer to Vader’s voice, one with a robotic-type filter, gave it a 1 frame delay and also lowered the pitch very slightly. This extra layer mixed with the original gave Vader’s voice a very subtle difference to match it closer to the Empire Strikes Back voice.
  11. Added blue glow to Falcon’s engines where missing (or wrong color) and red glow to Rebel fighter engines where missing.

Opening Crawl:

  1. Slowed down the Star Wars logo to match the speed in the rest of the saga.
  2. Made the crawl appear slightly earlier as it did before the addition of the “A NEW HOPE” title, so it appears at the correct music cue that Williams intended.
  3. Re-coloured the crawl.

Capturing Tantive IV:

  1. Added a third moon of Tatooine to match the number seen in Attack of the Clones.
  2. Retimed the pan down so Tatooine appears at the correct musical cue.
  3. Made the Tatooine matte rotate slightly as the ships fly overhead.
  4. Changed the flight path of Tantive IV so it can be seen the whole time the Star Destroyer is coming overhead.
  5. Removed the horrible blue hazing as the Star Destroyer’s engine come into view.
  6. Re-positioned the laser bolt that hits Tantive IV so it hits the spot that explodes.
  7. Changed the explosion as the Tantive IV is hit to remove a lot of the smoke.
  8. Made Tantive IV react to the hit and have its engines fail.
  9. Sped up the starfield as Tantive is hit to match the speed it had been going in previous shots.
  10. Added announcement to Tantive interior from the radio drama.
  11. Restored original klaxon only heard in the original 1977 mono mix.
  12. Altered C-3PO’s line “They’ll be no escape for the princess this time” (not in PURIST).
  13. Re-edited the Imperial breaching scene, partially to remove continuity errors where troops can be seen dying more than once and to eliminate flip shots.
  14. Removed the full-screen pink flashes when blasters are fired.
  15. Added lasers to blasters that were fired with no bolt.
  16. Removed laser that came from the sight of one of the blasters.
  17. Fixed jump cut after the droids cross the hallway in the middle of the fight.
  18. Sped up dead Stormtrooper’s head that hit the floor as Vader enters.
  19. Added laser blasts to the hallway behind 3PO as he’s looking for R2 so that a trooper doesn’t just trip and fall.
  20. Smoothed jump cut when R2 extends his third leg after Leia leaves her message.
  21. Shortened a bit of the set so it doesn’t look like R2 is going to hit the wall after heading towards 3PO.
  22. Smoothed jump cut when R2 starts to roll forward after 3PO worries about the Spice Mines.
  23. Fixed continuity error with the Stormtrooper’s legs standing behind Vader as he tortures Captain Antilles.
  24. Fixed it so that all of Leia’s dress glows when she is hit by the stun blast.
  25. Extended the closeup of R2 opening the escape pod door so his attachment retracts.
  26. Re-coloured the escape pod interior blue in some shots to fix continuity errors.
  27. Added some rotation to the escape pod as it blasts off.
  28. Changed the trajectory so that the escape pod heads downward as the Star Destroyer gunners watch it.
  29. Replaced the view outside the escape pod window so that the Star Destroyer has the Tantive IV in it’s underbelly and recedes at a different rate than the stars.
  30. Added the twin suns to the shot of the escape pod heading towards Tatooine and had the pod enter the atmosphere at the end.

The Droids Get Lost:

  1. Removed the blue color from the pod hatch on the ground.
  2. Changed the sky in several shots to match the other shots.
  3. Reduced the appearance of matte lines on sand dunes.
  4. Added the sandcrawler shot removed from the Special Edition to replace the light reflection in the distance when 3P0 thinks he is rescued.
  5. Added a new canyon matte for R2 to closer match what Tatooine looks like in the Prequels.
  6. Removed restraining bolt mark on R2 before he gets it attached.
  7. Moved restraining bolt to correct position immediately after it is attached.
  8. Added a battle droid from the Prequels to the scrap inside the Sandcrawler.
  9. Darkened R2’s eyepiece so you can no longer see what looked like the actor showing through.
  10. Added elements from previous shots to the Gonk droid shot due to bad levels on the DVD.
  11. Removed 3PO’s eye lights that flash off as he stands to greet R2.
  12. Enhanced the skyline and rocks from the dark shot of the Sandcrawler to closer match how it appeared pre-Special Edition.

The Lars Homestead:

  1. Re-coloured the sky in the SE shots of the Sandtroopers and Sandcrawler so the colour the sky is less saturated and closer matches the sky we see at the homestead.
  2. Removed the bushes from the shot looking up at Luke from the pit to match the shot without bushes looking from the top.
  3. Changed Beru’s voice to the dub taken from the 1977 mono mix, instead of the one used on every home video version.
  4. Added the SE moisture vaporators that were added to the long shot of the homestead but missing as Luke headed towards the droid lineup.
  5. Removed the wire seen coming from 3PO’s neck.
  6. Added new shot of R2 after “Red” explodes to eliminate reused shot of R2 with “Red” next to him.
  7. Removed ILM crew member disguised as a Jawa from shot of R2 heading to meet up with 3PO.
  8. Removed the spot of pink sky as 3PO wonders why he sticks his neck out for R2.
  9. Made it so Leia’s “Help me” lines loop through the scene and are synced with the holo image.
  10. Added all missing glows to R2 holoprojector.
  11. Removed shot of Leia’s hologram from behind.
  12. Added 3PO coming out of the garage behind Luke so he no longer appears next to him a few seconds later.
  13. Redid the macrobinocular shot to match the set around Luke, ending with a closeup of 3PO’s face to match where Luke is looking when he puts them down.
  14. Removed the light-droid’s tracks from a previous take (sometimes mistaken for a rope pulling it).
  15. Moved the treadwell droid as Owen shouts for Luke to match where it was in the shot from above.
  16. Removed the fly from the lens of the camera in the same scene.

Meeting Obi-Wan:

  1. Slowed down the Special Edition landspeeder the Sandpeople are watching as it sped up towards the end of the shot.
  2. Remixed the music as the Sandpeople mount their Banthas to fix the horrible cut in the original.
  3. Redid the macrobinocular graphics as Luke watches the Banthas.
  4. Restored the original Krayt Dragon call Obi-Wan does to scare of the Sandpeople.
  5. Changed the colour of the sky behind Obi-Wan in some shots to match others.
  6. Re-edited Obi-Wan’s Hut Scene to match the script and remove 3PO’s on-again, off-again status (not in PURIST).
  7. Added the extra ornament to Obi-Wan’s table that Leia’s holo is being played on that is visible in all the other shots.
  8. Added the cloak behind Luke as his ignites his father’s lightsaber for the first time that is present in all the other shots.
  9. Smoothed jump cut as Luke activates the lightsaber.
  10. Added new elements to the first reveal of the Death Star, such as the Imperial March music (not in PURIST), a planet to orbit around until it’s fully operational (named “Ganleigh”), and a fleet to protect it.
  11. Continued music into the Death Star Conference Scene, which contains the Emperor’s Theme (not in PURIST).
  12. Added a line from the Radio Drama to an Admiral whose mouth moved but nothing was heard.
  13. Added the planet Ganleigh and a Star Destroyer in orbit before the shot of Vader entering Leia’s cell.
  14. Erased the writing on the torture droid’s needle and added some lightning arcing across it to make it more menacing.

Mos Eisley Spaceport:

  1. Minimized the amount of Special Edition Scurriers before the landspeeder approaches Mos Eisley.
  2. Extended the shot as the landspeeder goes over the hill into the city (getting rid of the Special Edition droid slapstick while being able to keep the music cues).
  3. Removed the smaller droid involved in the SE slapstick from the shot of the landspeeder flying by.
  4. Removed the Special Edition shot of the Ronto being buzzed by the swoop bike knocking off it’s Jawa riders.
  5. Removed the Special Edition Ronto that walked in front of the Stormtroopers as they approach the landspeeder.
  6. Fixed the rock that moves on its own as Obi-Wan persuades the Stormtroopers.
  7. Removed the SE floating droid that flew behind the interviewing Stormtrooper and zoomed in closer on him.
  8. Removed the badly-composited Special Edition Ronto that wasn’t there in earlier shots as the landspeeder is moved along.
  9. Moved a Special Edition ship so that it flies behind a moisture vaporator instead of in front of it.
  10. Fixed the shadow direction continuity error as Luke first looks at the Cantina.
  11. Moved the Special Edition patrons that enter the Cantina so they enter earlier.
  12. Added slight facial movements and blinks to nearly every alien in the Cantina.
  13. Replaced the bloody furry arm that Obi-Wan cuts off with a cauterized human arm (Dr. Evazan’s, played by Adywan’s arm).
  14. Fixed it so that the tiny alien no longer misses its mouth with the cup as the Stormtroopers are pointed to Obi-Wan.
  15. Made Greedo’s “Going somewhere Solo?” subtitle appear as he’s saying it instead of it being there as the scene starts.
  16. Re-created the look of the burned in subtitles on the original film instead of using the DVD subtitle track.
  17. Restored Han’s “Yes” to “I bet you have” just before he shoots Greedo.
  18. Replaced the poor dummy shot of Greedo about to explode with a frame from earlier.
  19. Removed the Special Edition shot of Greedo shooting first and missing, just having Han shoot through the table.
  20. Added the planet Ganleigh to Death Star establishing shot and a Star Destroyer leaving the system as the Death Star is now operational and no longer needs an escort.
  21. Replaced Stormtrooper dialog as they search for the droids door-to-door with the dialog from the 1977 mono mix.
  22. Added new wipe to remove the Special Edition Jabba scene.
  23. Re-coloured the R2 unit next to 3PO to red as they approach Docking Bay 94 and added a glimpse of a blue one in front of the party to correct a continuity error.
  24. Added a line from 3PO about R2 being careful.
  25. Added the fade to inside the docking bay that was missing from the SE.
  26. Added the Falcon’s dish in the docking bay shot and expanded the docking bay.
  27. Re-edited the docking bay shootout to fix some continuity errors.
  28. Fixed the issues with Hans “wobbly” wrist as he fires.
  29. Added the missing middle strut to all the Falcons cockpit window scenes.
  30. Removed what looked like Obi-Wan ducking down the hallway behind Han as he pilots the Falcon.
  31. Enhanced the Falcon escaping Tatooine to be more visually dynamic.
  32. Added a Star Destroyer for the Falcon to dodge.
  33. Replaced the additional Star Destroyers with better-looking ones.
  34. Made it so the Falcon actually does “a few maneuvers” after Han claims to be able to lose them.
  35. Replaced the random flashes outside the cockpit with laser blasts.
  36. Made it so the stars no longer spin as the Falcon goes to lightspeed.

The Death Star:

  1. Death Star interiors changed to a colourless grey to have a warship feel and better match with the grey interior of the Death Star II in Return of the Jedi.
  2. Moved Alderaan to come into the long shot of the Death Star approaching later and further away.
  3. Replaced rear projected image of Alderaan in the Death Star control room with a moving image of the planet that grows closer in each shot.
  4. Enhanced Alderaan explosion (using an explosion from the finale of “Stargate SG-1”)
  5. Fixed wobbly blade on Luke’s lightsaber as he is training and added the retracting effect as he turns it off.
  6. Enhanced the holotable game pieces to look more like the other holograms in the saga and gave them a reflection on the table.
  7. Replaced the reused closeup of R2 in the Death Star with a new background of the Falcon interior.
  8. Removed jump cut as Luke turns off his saber for the second time and added the retracting effect.
  9. Added the colour to the remote’s laser in close up that was missing from the 2004 DVDs.
  10. Removed Vader’s empty gesture from his meeting with Tarkin about Leia lying to them.
  11. Fixed misaligned engine glow while the Falcon is in hyperspace.
  12. Added more asteroids and the beginning of a belt when they reach where Alderaan was.
  13. Replaced the random flashes as the TIE flies past the cockpit with laser blasts.
  14. Added a tiny Death Star to the shot where our heroes first notice it, replacing the point of light.
  15. Replaced the exterior docking bay mattes with ones that match the interior matte.
  16. Enhanced the matte of the Falcon entering the docking bay to match the rest of the shots.
  17. Changed the height of the docking bay entrance in the long shot after the Falcon lands.
  18. Added a glow around the docking bay entrance in all the shots.
  19. Added a moving starfield outside the docking bay entrance in all the shots.
  20. Moved Vader’s lines about returning the stolen plans to the princess a few frames earlier to match his head gesture.
  21. Re-coloured the display graphics in the small control room the heroes take over.
  22. Replaced the sound of blasters being fired at the Stormtroopers whose armour the heroes steal with Wookiee yells and punches to explain the lack of burn marks on the armor.
  23. Un-censored all of the SE-censored blaster impacts.
  24. Darkened an Imperial officer’s uniform as the heroes wait for the elevator to match the color in the next closer shot.
  25. The guard who runs down the cell block hallway is actually shot instead of just falling over as the scenery next to him explodes.
  26. Removed the obvious cover up of the hole the Stormtroopers blast through to get into the cell block.
  27. Removed the gun from the rack that the heroes took as they left to fix a continuity error.
  28. Enhanced the matte of the tractor beam control with Stormtroopers and a retracting bridge.
  29. Realigned Han’s shot into the garbage masher so it hits its target.
  30. Fixed audio error as Luke and Leia split up from Han and Chewbacca that sounded like someone spitting.
  31. Re-composited the Special Edition shot of the many Stormtroopers as Han chases them to look more natural.
  32. Added an extra laser bolt when Han’s gun fires but no laser was seen.
  33. Removed the sound of a laser blast when no Stormtrooper has fired at Luke and Leia as they reach the chasm.
  34. Added an impact blast to the Stormtrooper across the chasm who falls over when the scenery next to him explodes.
  35. Enhanced the wide shot of Luke and Leia swinging across the chasm to give the impression that they are higher up.
  36. Re-edited the lightsaber duel to give it a faster pace.
  37. Added the “Battle of Heroes” to the soundtrack during the duel (not in PURIST).
  38. Made it so Obi-Wan ignites his saber first.
  39. Made it so Vader ignites his saber as he approaches Obi-Wan.
  40. Removed the power cord seen up Obi-Wan’s sleeve in various shots.
  41. Removed scorch mark seen on wall before Vader hits it.
  42. Re-coloured saber flashes white to match the rest of the saga.
  43. Redid the saber flashes so they don’t shine through people’s bodies.
  44. Removed the shadows of Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher as they wait for their cue to meet up with Han and Chewbacca.
  45. Shortened Vader’s long saber in some shots.
  46. Replaced all of the dummy shots of Obi-Wan with a new Obi-Wan model.
  47. Removed R2’s leg support as he heads towards the Falcon.
  48. Slowed down Vader’s strike down of Obi-Wan.
  49. Added saber burn marks to Obi-Wan as he’s being cut.
  50. Lengthened the shot of Obi-Wan’s cloak dropping to the floor.
  51. Removed the blue haze from around the edge of the hanger bay entrance.
  52. Fixed continuity error when the door Vader is standing in can be seen closing twice.
  53. Enhanced the Falcon escaping the docking bay by making it accelerate faster.

Escape to Yavin:

  1. Fixed the holotable that wobbles when Luke pushes against it.
  2. Added a faster moving starfield to each gun port window & Falcon cockpit shots.
  3. Created new Falcon targeting displays with TIE graphics instead of just arrows.
  4. Removed the horrible motion blur from the shots of Luke & Han in the gun port as the TIEs approach.
  5. Re-edited the scene slightly to accommodate longer exterior shots.
  6. Replaced the incorrect X-Wing sounds heard during the battle with the correct TIE sounds.
  7. Added some new exterior shots of the Falcon getting chased by the TIEs.
  8. Added laser blasts coming from the Falcon so that it is firing at a consistent rate and not only when it’s an interior shot.
  9. Added the Falcon getting hit by a laser blast that knocks 3PO over.
  10. Created new explosions for the TIEs.
  11. Replaced the background behind R2 after the battle to replace the reused shot from the Death Star control room.
  12. Added new shot of the Falcon in the hyperspace tunnel.
  13. Added a blue tint to the conversation between Han and Leia in the cockpit to show the lighting from the hyperspace tunnel.
  14. Added views of the interior of the hyperspace tunnel to the Falcon cockpit windows.
  15. Rearranged shots of the Falcon entering the Yavin system and enhanced the first shot so the Falcon is shown coming out of hyperspace.
  16. Made the Falcon head towards the surface of Yavin IV faster.
  17. Replaced the sky when the Falcon is heading over the trees to better match the following shots.
  18. Added a shadow from the Falcon on the trees it flies over.
  19. Flipped the flip shots of Leia and Co meeting up with the Rebel leaders to correct numerous errors (Han’s blaster on the wrong side, backwards R2, etc.).
  20. Expanded the hanger bay and removed the cardboard cutout Rebel fighters.
  21. Used new CG Death Star schematics created by Will Martin to replace the incorrect one with the superlaser in the middle; also better matches the schematics from Episode II.
  22. Enhanced the display in the Rebel briefing room with new CGI fading into the original graphics coloured red when able.
  23. Turned down the lights in the Rebel briefing room and brought them back up when the meeting is over.
  24. Re-coloured all blue Rebel insignias on helmets to red because there was no “Blue” squadron.
  25. Brought the graphics of the Death Star destruction in the briefing more in line with the one in Return of the Jedi.
  26. Replaced the shot of Yavin & the Death Star so that Yavin matches the SE Yavin
  27. Recreated graphics for the Death Star viewscreen and re-composited the rear projected shots.
  28. The countdown clock to when the Death Star will be in range matches the time stated by the voiceover.
  29. Added the missing engine to the Y-Wing that Han is stacking boxes near.
  30. Fixed R2’s sudden leap up the X-Wing during the cut of the Special Edition “Reunion with Biggs” scene.
  31. Added an extra stripe to one of the high view X-Wing shots to remove the repeated “Red Leader” X-Wing shots.
  32. Had Luke’s X-Wing head towards the camera and retract its landing gears.
  33. Added the background of the temple receding as Luke leaves the hanger.

Attacking the Death Star:

  1. Re-edited all Rebel command centre shots to fix issues where the image has been flipped (you can tell because 3PO’s dent on his head keeps swapping sides and Leia keeps changing position).
  2. Created hologram schematics to all shots of the tactical table in the middle of the command centre.
  3. Added Yavin to the background of several shots to give the viewer a point of reference.
  4. Added more Rebel fighters to the background of several shots.
  5. Added starfields to shots that had none.
  6. Replaced several blank backgrounds seen out of the cockpit windows.
  7. Fixed various flip shots of the pilots in their cockpits.
  8. Moved Red Leader’s microphone to the correct side in at least one shot.
  9. Re-inserted the fanfare lost in the DVD mix when the X-Wings begin their dive to the Death Star.
  10. Added the Death Star surface to several shots.
  11. Re-coloured R2 blue in shots where he was still black.
  12. Re-coloured the blue lights that flash when the Death Star turrets are firing to match the green they actually fire.
  13. Created numerous alternate and new shots using ships from elsewhere in the movie to add more motion to originally sterile backgrounds.
  14. Modified a shot from Return of the Jedi to replace the multiple shots of Luke diving in to blow up a tower.
  15. Added a shot of Porkins getting hit.
  16. Added extra stripes to one of the SE shots of Luke’s X-Wing so it was no longer marked “Red 2” (as all of the Special Edition X-Wings were).
  17. Created new TIE Fighter approach using CG models created by Will Martin, which added dozens of more fighters.
  18. Added the Imperial March to the TIE approach (not in PURIST).
  19. Created a new sequence using alternate, reused, and flipped shots from later in the movie (not in PURIST).
  20. Used ships for the new sequence (mostly 2D images) from elsewhere in the movie, the original edition, and Return of the Jedi at times for more TIE-on-Rebel action, even one shot from one of the documentaries (not in PURIST).
  21. Added a shot from behind a TIE pilot taken from the fan film “Star Wars Revelations” to the new sequence (not in PURIST).
  22. Used a shot of a random pilot dying in the new sequence that was originally used in the trench run for the wrong pilot (not in PURIST).
  23. Created new shot of a TIE cockpit exploding (not in PURIST).
  24. Added fighters chasing each other in the cockpit backgrounds.
  25. Replaced Luke’s line of “Blast it, Biggs, where are you?” with “Blast it, Wedge, where are you?” from the mono mix.
  26. Enhanced the X-Wing targeting display.
  27. New docking bay matte for Vader’s TIE and escort (using the original matte from the Falcon’s docking bay) and altered the flight path of the fighters.
  28. Created a new matte for the trench approach to lessen the change between the 2D image and the model shot.
  29. Enhanced the colours of the X-Wing displays.
  30. Added ships in the trench when they should be seen.
  31. Zoomed in one panning shot in the command centre because it was difficult to track the new CGI display.
  32. Used an alternate shot of a TIE pilot so that the shot of the wrong pilot dying could be replaced with a new shot of the correct pilot.
  33. Added Red Leader’s X-Wing hitting the surface.
  34. Blacked out the window behind Vader’s head in his TIE.
  35. Added dialog from the radio drama of Luke yelling for Biggs after he dies.
  36. Enhanced R2’s explosion as he gets hit and showed the explosion still going on in the next cockpit shot.
  37. Added the damage seen as they remove R2 from the fighter to R2 in the next shot of him.
  38. Fixed the TIE next to Vader’s that explodes a few frames after its hit so that it explodes as its hit.
  39. Added a lens flare to the Falcon’s dramatic entrance.
  40. Created new shots of the remaining fighters flying away from the Death Star and rearranging the shots of them preparing to fire.
  41. Reused previous shot of the laser beam firing from the Death Star interior.
  42. Added new shot of the Death Star beams about to meet and fire on Yavin IV just before it blows up.
  43. Enhanced the pre-Special Edition Death Star explosion to replace the Special Edition shockwave.
  44. Fixed Vader’s TIE getting darker as it flies away from camera.


  1. Re-coloured damaged R2’s dome to blue.
  2. Added a lens flare to the skylight behind Leia.
  3. Added cameos by 1976 George Lucas and Adywan to the Rebel soldiers lined up.
  4. Using alternate shots, Leia manages to find time to give Chewbacca a medal.
  5. Added a medal to all the following shots of Chewbacca.

End Credits:

  1. Re-created credits from scratch to seamlessly insert new credits.
  2. Corrected spelling mistakes of Drewe Henley and Denis Lawson’s names.
  3. Added Revisited credits for everyone who helped out and listed every member of who posted in the EpIV thread.
  4. Added “Battle of the Heroes” to the remixed credit soundtrack to account for the extra Revisited credits.