Donation Goal News & First 20 Minutes of ANH:R HD Complete

Sorry for the lack of updates. I took a few weeks off from social media because i needed a bit of a break and concentrate on a few things i needed to do around the house and garden and spend some time with family.

Well i was about to make a post announcing that we have made it past the donation total. But the past couple of days i’ve been dealing with Paypal. We reached the total on Tuesday, actually going £5 over. But then i got multiple emails informing me that they had received 5 , in total, charge backs from people who had donated , not through the money pool, but through the wordpress link in US dollars. It seemed strange to me that i would get these all on the same day. When looking through my account i could see they were all supposedly from all different people. But each email they donated using ended in .de and these 5 donations all happened within a few days of each other. Now that is suspicious. But sadly there is nothing i can do about this as Paypal are backing the people who asked for their money back. Thankfully this can’t happen through the money pool donations. So i will be disabling the donation links on the wordpress site and any future donations will only be taken through the money pool option. Luckily this time it wasn’t a credit card charge back so i didn’t end up losing much more money that they originally donated ( even though they used todays exchange rate instead of the better exchange rate when they first donated) . But it still has left me £346 away from the drive total. So close , yet so far.

So this is the only link to make a donation to now:

Anyway, on to some better news. The first 20 minutes of video for ANH:R HD, up to the Leia Hologram scene in Luke’s garage, is 100% completed. That’s over 150 shots finished just for that section. But thats not the total number i have completed for the movie as i don’t do things in order. It’s over double that so far in total. I have tried to keep it as close to the original DVD version as possible, but as you can understand, it’s not going to be 100% faithful without having all the original project files etc. There are a few extra fixes that i have been able to do that i wasn’t able to do originally and a few minor changes FX wise ( mattes etc).

I’ll post some pics in the next few days

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A New Hope Revisited HD Opening Shots Preview

Here is a quick look at the opening shot of ANH:RHD. The one good thing about having to start everything from scratch is that i am able to utilize sources that were not available at the time, like HD scans of many of the original Matte Paintings. Plus i have learned a great deal since i completed ANH:R, so i am able to fix a few things that i wasn’t able to fix first time around. It would have been impossible to accurately recreate the original version anyway.

hd moons.jpg

Fixed the misaligned flash effect on the Stardestroyer…


And fixed the background issue with the trooper…


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Donation Drive Update and Landing Platform Explanation

The donation drive is going well. Thanks again to all who have contributed so far. We’re just over £1700 away from reaching the target. If we can hit the target by the end of this month, as a small thanks you, i will upload a clip of the redone Obi-Wan/ Vader duel from ANH:RHD

Donations for materials needed can be made through:

Now onto the first part in a short series of posts where i explain some of the changes i will be making for ROTJ:R.


In this scene, their dialogue doesn’t make much sense with what we see on screen. Leia says” The main entrance to the control bunker is the far side of that landing platform. This isn’t going to be easy”. To which Han replies “Hey, don’t worry. Chewie and me got into a lot of places more heavily guarded than that”. Well that wouldn’t be difficult because there is nothing or no one down there apart from the landing platform. And the only activity is the shuttle leaving. Which comes to the other problem. The scene directly before this is the scene at night when Luke faces Vader on the landing platform and is taken away to the shuttle. It’s the same landing platform and it makes it look like they were just sitting around in the shuttle for hours waiting for daylight.

It’s interesting though when you read this scene in the original novel:


Now that fits in perfectly with what they are saying on screen. Even though Han’s dialogue is slightly different, it’s still basically the same as in the film. This is the type of thing we should be seeing on screen at that point, so that is what i will be doing, using a mixture of physical models , miniature sets and digital FX. It’s going to be a heavily guarded place 

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The final ever large donation drive is now on.

Now that the B-Wing Pilot shoot is well and truly out of the way and the colour grading is complete on ANH & past the halfway stage for ROTJ, I can now get down to work on all the models, miniature sets, costumes, props etc needed for theses edits. Along with creating those, there is also the Endor Rebels shoot that needs things creating for it (costumes, props etc). So it’s full steam ahead now Sadly having to start from scratch for the HD version of ANH is a bit of a pain, but at least not many things need creating for that edit. But it’s a different matter with ROTJ.

Over the next week or so I will be making posts going into detail about some of the changes/ fixes planned for ROTJ:R. One of the things that really need replacing with miniatures is the Millennium Falcon mattes in the Home One hangar (along with the whole hangar matte).

As I will now be working at a scale of at least 1/48, these are going to be a LOT bigger than what I created for ESB:R, but the extra detail is needed when working with more close-up shots.

After being able to sell a few of the items that I put up for grabs recently and with money I can personally put into it, the needed target for the donation drive is just over £4000

So what will the money be used for? Well every penny donated does directly to material only. No one will ever profit from these edits. So , for example, things like catering and the travelling expenses for the B-wing live action shoot, came out of our own pockets and no donations were used. Things I will need to purchase is LOTS of Silicone, resin, paints, glue, MDF and other wood materials, amongst many other things. Doing these donations drive enables me to purchase materials at bulk, instead of being able to only purchase small amounts when I have available funds. This save a Hell of a lot of money on postage costs alone. As I usually purchase the silicone/ resin materials from the same place, this can save hundreds on postage and bulk buying discounts.

Then there is something that is really needed: Drive space. As you can see in the picture in the comments below, space is becoming limited. With my 2 6TB External hard drives used up containing the backup of all the files for ESB:R, I need to get a few more for the backups of ANH:RHD & ROTJ:R as I go along. Then there is the space needed to create these edits. So I need to replace the smaller internal hard drives with newer. Much larger ones. Doing two edits in HD at once really eats up space.

As this is the final large donation drive we will ever be doing , the prize for the donation draw is the biggest one we have given away yet.

One lucky winner will receive one of the full costumes that was created for the B-wing Pilot shoot for ROTJ:R

The costume consists of pilot vest, belt, gloves, a genuine ANH-H-15 pilot cap (modified slightly with softer ear covers and to fit both larger and smaller head sizes) , Flight Suit, chest plate and pilot helmet. The pilot helmet was created for our Blue Two pilot, but sadly we lost Jen due to a scheduling conflict , so this is the only thing that wasn’t used and also has the orange visor that was created as a test to see how the dying process would look. The only things missing from being a full suit are the Gaiters , boots and the rectangular box that goes on the belt. These are things that didn’t need creating as they wouldn’t be seen on screen, so a waste of money.

Because I had to make various sizes of the flight suit for the shoot, the winner will have a choice of sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL. The vest, belt and ejection straps are all adjustable so will fit most sizes.

There will be 2 runners up prizes . Each will receive one of the B-Wing chest boxes used in the shoot.

For each donation of £10, you will receive a ticket that will go into the final draw. The more tickets, the better the chance. If you donate on more than one occasion, then the total you donate will be added up and divided by ten to give your ticket amount.

So how can you donate?

Well there’s a new way of donating thanks to Paypal’s new Money Pool. If donating with GBP, then Paypal doesn’t take any fees from the amount, unlike going through the donation button as before. So if you can donate using GBP then that would be a great help. But if you can’t then this way they still don’t take a huge amount off for their conversion fees. You can donate through the Money Pool using this link:

If you can’t for some reason donate through this link then you can stil donate by clicking on one of the Paypal donate buttons on the right hand side of this website.

When donating can you please include your name so I can add you to the end credits for ROTJ:R please.

Once the donation target has been reached, then it will closed. The prize draw will take place shortly after than and winners notified straight after

Thank you to all who have supported me over all these years.

P.S. Don’t worry if the Money Pool page says “Penny Sayce”. The Paypal account is in my wifes name and i took it over but i am unable to alter the account name

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Sail Barge and The Emperor’s Arrival Comparison Video

This is how the colour grading for ROTJ:R is getting on. This really does show just how bad the grading of the official Blu-Ray for this film is. It goes from having magenta tint/ over saturated reds to a heavy blue/ cyan cast that, in the opening shot of the TIE’s approaching the Death Star, has completely wiped out any of the other colours that should be there. The swicthes to oversaturated blues and a heavy cyan tint that makes the stormtroopers etc no longer their true white colour. Cyan Scoutroopers?

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RotJ:R Color Correction Preview Clip

The official blu-ray of ROTJ, although people seem to think this one has the better colour grading than the other two in the OT, probably has the most problems. From the heavy magenta tone throughout, to boosted reds in the dark areas, green imperial uniforms in places and, where the others suffered with heavy blue tints and over saturated colours, ROTJ seems to be lacking some of the blue tones in the film. There are also shots where most of the colour is missing in favour of a blue/ magenta shift.

This film seems like it’s going to take the most work to try and fix or improve the colour problems.

Here is a sample that really shows how screwed the colours for ROTJ really are. Green uniforms? Really? The opening shot of the hangar is an example of missing colour. It’s so desaturated but given colour by the overall blue tint. Almost gone are the yellow floor lights.

Then we have Luke’s holographic message in which the blue is completely missing in the official version.

The section in this preview alone took over a month to re-grade the colour.

Another comparison preview, this time featuring Han’s unthawing and the Rancor battle will be uploaded later in the week.


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The Torture Droid Scene

Looks like i need to clarify my comment where i mentioned that the torture droid shot being removed. No, it has nothing to do with droids not being able to feel pain… The reason that i want to alter this section is down to one thing: the cartoonish slapstick type of thing that started in ROTJ and really plagues the PT. This is a Gonk droid being tortured, so why the hell does it sound like some childish cartoon character? It turns a torture scene into a joke. Same type of thing happens throughout the film. Boba’s cartoonish scream as he flies through the air and into the sarlaac, followed by it burping, the Endor battle is littered with this stuff. A battle that is supposed to be the rebels last big fight loses any sense of tension or dread when slapstick is added by the ewoks. Humour is fine but the way it was added in ROTJ for the most part was tonally mismatching with the scenes happening.

Now we know that droids can feel pain. This is evident when R2 is re-attatching 3P0’s leg in ESB and he zaps him. So there is no problem with droids being tortured. Like i said, it’s the cartoonish nature that i’ve always hated about that scene ever since i first saw it in 1983.

The torture scene will be still there but i’m hoping to alter the audio side of things. One to make it sound more like a Gonk Droid and Two, to remove the cartoonish nature of the scene. As it stands now it sounds more like an old fashioned Disney cartoon character having a wet fish stuck down it’s pants 😉

Anyway, onto other things. Over the next coming weeks i’ll be taking scenes that i plan to alter and go a bit more in-depth on my reasoning as to why i will be altering them.

Also, i’m going to be having a clear out of a few items to help raise cash for the next stage of ROTJ. ( The endor live shoot and the materials needed for models/ miniature sets amongst other things needed to complete the edit.) This will be followed ( once i know how much funds were raised so i will know a total to set the donation drive at). I’ll post some pictures of some of the stuff that will be up for grabs at the weekend and then stick them up for sale in the week.

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ROTJ:R – Oola’s Demise


Here is the first clip that has some FX work added and some editing tweaks. Although the torture of the droid at the beginning is likely to be removed in the final version, everything is pretty much as it will appear in ROTJ:R. Tweaks done to Jabba’s & Sy’s mouth, a blink now and then on the creatures ( only one is complete so far in this), re-edited the original, integrating some of the SE shots, and organising shots to sync up better with Sy’s vocals. Using the great 4k83 restorations as a basis for this, along with the blu-ray, some colour grading (which is still in progress) and some more scratch/ speckle clean up work to be done. Some FX work needs to be done on a couple of shots where i need to fix the background ( mainly the side shot of Oola from the SE’s where they shot her against a blue-screen but added a character in the background that isn’t there in the shots before or after). Sound is, as usual, a very rough temp track as the sound side of things won’t start until the visual side of the film is completed.

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Welcome Blue Squadron

The B-wing shoot at the weekend went amazingly well. I can’t thank everyone involved enough for the brilliant job they did. We got all the shots needed and i can’t wait for you to see Blue Squadron in action in the final film. As a small teaser, here is a short video. The clips are randomly sequenced and not how they will appear in the film & NO dialogue ( we don’t want to spoil everything  ) but you can finally get to see the pilots and the cockpit in action.

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February 2019 Donation Drive [GOAL REACHED]

Help needed….

Hi guys. Well everything is pretty much ready for the rescheduled B-wing shoot. All that’s left to do now is make the helmet visors. Unfortunately i tried vacuum forming the visor today and my vacuum former is just a little too small to be able to cope with the size of the visor (It’s just an A4 one). Problem is that i’m completely spent out. This shoot has drained all available fund i had, but i desperately need to get the larger former to be able to complete the helmets. Luckily to get the former and the larger size plastic forming sheets would only cost just over £100, but even this relatively small amount is beyond me at this point in time. So i need to open a small donation drive to raise the needed funds. If you can help in any way then it would be much appreciated. You can donate through paypal using one of the links on the right hand side of this page.




Thank you for everyone that donated. I can’t thank you enough for the support you continue to give me and this project. The vacuum former and forming sheets have now been ordered and I should be able to get to work on the visors early next week once they are delivered.

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