RotJ:R Facts

September 1, 2017: Production for Return of the Jedi: Revisited has begun!

  • Complete new colour grade
  • Add more B-Wings/ Pilots to Endor Space battle
  • Replace the lower quality matte painting with miniatures/ digitally enhanced versions
  • Replace matte painting of Dagobah with miniature trees created for ESBR.
  • Replace matte painting of Rebel docking bay with 1:48 scale model set.
    • “The main Matte paintings being replaced are the Home One Hangar scenes. The paintings just don’t hold up well and the scenes with Lando and Han have never looked any good. So a 1/48 scale miniature is being created for these shots. Luckily there are some X-wing, Y-wing and B-wing kits available in that scale, but the A-wings will need to be made from scratch by the looks of things. For the Falcon I will be using the 1/48 scale Hasbro hero play-set. That thing is a great little toy. Very close to the 32” inch studio model in terms of size, but perfect to be in scale with the other ships for the miniature. We will be 3D printing parts and scratch building other bits to kit out this Falcon to make it fit for filming. People that have already modified this toy know just how amazing this can look.”
  • Remove the slapstick Ewok moments during the battle
  • Add more rebel troop action to Endor ground battle
  • Remove the 2011 addition of Vader saying “No” during the climactic scene
  • Remove “Jedi Rocks” and the additions of the Special Edition in that scene
  • Remove the Sarlaac SE beak
  • Add female pilots
  • Existing female pilot to be re-dubbed with a female voice
  • Replace the Tydirium shuttle with a more cargo based shuttle (new design)
    • “One thing that has always bugged me is that the same model ship that is used for dignitaries, is also being used to transport cargo and troops. This ship needs to be a different model. More in line with a cargo shuttle, similar to what was seen in Rogue One and the troop transport in the SE ANH. So a 1/48 scale ship needs to be built and then it’s digital double for the flying scenes.”
  • Re-rotoscope the lightsabers
  • Larger ground and space battle
  • New super-stardestroyer destruction
  • Replace the shot of the Star Destroyer going overhead with a shot of the shuttle coming from the Executor.
  • Alter shots of Han in Carbonite so he is wearing the shirt he was frozen in, using full sized model made for ESBR.
  • Scout troopers chasing the Ewok on the speeder bike will be shortened
  • Vader’s arm stump will be shortened
  • Remove Jabba’s “giant palace gate” added for the Blu-Ray and return it to the original version
  • Remove the new Ewok eyes
    • “I thought the eyes were terrible. Especially the fake blinking they added. They went from teddy bears to Furbys. At least they could have made their actual eyelids blink instead of having the furby style toy eyelids.”
  • Remove Chewie’s Tarzan yell
  • Remove Yub Nub & Victory Celebration
  • Restore Sebastian Shaw as the Ghost of Anakin Skywalker
  • Maybe remove most of the end celebration (all planet celebrations are going anyway). Have a small portion of the Ewok celebration which then leads to the funeral pyre scene. This is where the Force Ghosts will appear and the film will end with Luke being alone (which in turn foreshadows TFA).
  • May add “your Mother once thought as you do” line instead of the original “Obi-Wan”.
  • Fix the “Force kick” shot where its obvious Luke’s kick misses by miles on the skiff
  • Reorganise the space battle and fix the problems with call signs being given for the wrong pilots
  • New Boba Fett death
  • Remove many of C-3P0’s “Ric Olie/ captain obvious” lines
  • Alter some of R2’s new beeps in which he sounds nothing like he does in the rest of the saga
  • Remove droid torture in Jabba’s Palace
    • “Ever since i first saw the movie in 1983, i have hated that scene. A gonk droid feeling pain? Seriously? Pretty much sums up the things wrong with that movie.”
  • Fix Leia’s “I’m here” line in Jabba’s palace, which is pitched way too high and sounds nothing like her
  • Try to fix the ridiculous way Vader falls against the rail during the saber duel
  • Fix the error of the saber blade coming from the bottom of the saber when Vader throws it at Luke
  • Fix the badly tracked & the wrong focus stars seen out of the throne room window
    Remove the added Dug walking around when everyone else is asleep in Jabba’s palace
  • Restore R2’s appendages, when he gets shot on Endor, becak to its pre-Blu-ray state ( no badly done CG bits)
  • Stabilise the shaky composited speeder bikes during the chase
  • Fix the error of the Imperial officer begin to fall back over the railing before the object that Han throws actually hits him
  • Fix Boba Fett flipped shots in the palace
  • Add Han’s arm restraints that were seen in ESB, but missing in ROTJ during the thawing process
  • NO Victory- or Interdictor- class Star Destroyers added.
    • “Doubtful anyone outside of the hard core EU SW fan would even know what they were, even after their cartoon spin off appearence. And, without adding a line to explain what they were, they would be a pointless addition, especially when you take into account that Ackbar wants to retreat but Lando convinces him to move the ships in closer to the destroyers. If they had Interdictors there then Ackbar would have known that they couldn’t really retreat. Take away their option of retreating by adding those , then it takes away the whole heroic “stay and fight” angle”

8-19-2014: The “somehow i’ve always known line” is gone in ROTJ:R. I’ve never liked it. It just doesn’t sit right with me. Actually, i don’t think she should say anything at all during that section. She should seem shocked and speechless after what she has just been told, not the “oh yeh, i thought something seemed strange. duh” type of reaction.

12-3-2017: The plan to finish ROTJ:R with Luke and the ghosts at the funeral pyre was always there prior to TFA even being announced. It’s just that, after seeing TFA, it does actually foreshadow whats to come. Revisited was always meant to stand on it own in that it wouldn’t follow official canon. Happily for me though, nothing i plan to do to the Revisited saga contradicts anything in the new films, so that’s just a happy accident. The prequels will also be erased from the saga now that i am no longer doing them. I just can’t bring myself to ever watch them again. The prequel references added to ANH:R will be gone for the HD version (The battle droid added into the sandcrawler scene was only added as in in-joke anyway. Left in a junk pile 😉 ). I no longer have to worry about fixing anything in the OT that contradicts those films. And, even if by some miracle i do decide to do them, i’ll fix the problems in those instead. So no biggie. But, for me, I’d like to start my viewing with Rogue One, followed by the OT, then the ST , as those films are far superior to the PT. Those are the only parts i would like to fit together now. Although you’d probably still be able to watch the prequels with Revisited because nothing i’m doing really contradicts those anyway ( plus i may still be adding the “you’re Mother once thought as you do” line instead of the original “Obi-Wan). That’s just my personal opinion of the PT and i appreciate that there are fans out there that like them, so i wouldn’t really want to make Revisited so you couldn’t watch the PT too if you wanted to.