RotJ:R Facts

Although Adywan is still a ways away from Return of the Jedi, here are the snippets of information he has given so far:

  • Replace the shot of the Star Destroyer going overhead with a shot of the shuttle coming from the Executor.
  • Remove Jedi Rocks.
  • Alter shots of Han in Carbonite so he is wearing the shirt he was frozen in.
  • Add Han’s restraints from ESB when he is unfrozen.
  • Different Shuttle Class for Tydyrium making it a more obvious transport.
  • Replace matte painting of Dagobah with miniature trees created for ESBR.
  • Replace matte painting of Rebel docking bay.
  • Make the Space Battle much more epic.
  • Better end to the Executor
  • Make the SE celebrations make sense happening so soon after the Emperor’s death.
  • Make it more obvious that the Coruscant “celebration” is an all-out riot (that stormtrooper is not crowd surfing).
  • Restore Sebastian Shaw as the Ghost of Anakin Skywalker

8-19-2014: The “somehow i’ve always known line” is gone in ROTJ:R. I’ve never liked it. It just doesn’t sit right with me. Actually, i don’t think she should say anything at all during that section. She should seem shocked and speechless after what she has just been told, not the “oh yeh, i thought something seemed strange. duh” type of reaction.