How To Get Revisited

First, Star Wars is copyrighted by LFL and you have to own a copy of the films in order to own a copy of this edit. This is a free edit/enhancement, if you bought this edit from someone you have to go kick them in the nuts and get your money back (this was also Ady’s suggestion in the pop up video section listing all the changed of ANH:R and we all agree wholeheartedly.). If they do not have nuts, well just get your money back and call them a bad word to make them cry. =P

Now to get Revisited on DVD you have to have a few things:

#1 A DVD Burner… this comes standard on most new computers… if you don’t have a newer comp. Then it’s time to buy a new computer or make friends with someone who does.

#2 A DVD-R, depending on the Revisited version DVD-5 or DVD-9 there are two recordable DVD types you can choose from. Most likely you will have DVD-5s (DVD-R 4.5GB) and so you will be looking for the DVD-5 version of Revisited. But i would recommend getting the DVD-9 Version as this has better picture quality and all of the special features. For this you will need some DVD+R DL (8GB) blank discs

#3 A DVD burner program that burns iso files… Iso files are a image file of a DVD that DVD burner programs will recognize and be able to burn that you will just be able to pop in most DVD Players and will play like a regular DVD. It will have the audio and video files along with the interactive menu and easter egg (yes, there is a really fun easter egg for ANH:R along with awesome deleted scene).
I recommend “Isoburner” which is free and easy to use.
IMGburn is recommended by Ady (google it folks, see #4)

#4 Google: You’re gonna need to track down Revisited (and the burner program if you don’t have one already See #3) on most likely one of many torrent sites. They are easy to download and shouldn’t take too long as long as people are seeding.

There are direct download links available though. These have not been posted by anyone on the Revisited team, but by others.







Mega have recently placed a download limit of 5GB for free accounts. Once you have reached that limit there is a waiting time of around 5 hours+ before they will let you continue your downloads. There is nothing we can do about this as we do not host these files and have been kindly uploaded by someone outside of the Revisited team.

We do not have anything to do with these links so they may be removed if we are instructed to do so. If you have no idea what a torrent is, or what an iso file is, or what a DVD is… then see #5.

#5 A general knowledge of technology… If you have NO idea what I’m talking about then learn. Simple as that… I’ve done more than my part here and learned the bulk of this on my own so you should do the same. Should you wish not to learn but still want this version of Star Wars then I’d recommend making friends with someone more tech savy than you are and the patience to help you further.

#6 The official cover and DVD label is in the DVD-ROM folder on the DVD-9 version.

#7 Make sure you download the correct format, NTSC or PAL depending upon your country.