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At the beginning of July the prize draw for a piece of Revisited will be taking place. With the Dagobah miniature set almost ready for filming, this means that filming all the pieces used for the prizes will be complete … Continue reading

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March 2014 Update 2

Another quick note from Adywan on the FB Page: Not much happening this week. All work on the speeder flaps is now complete and all the video work for those have been completed and added into the editing timeline. Next … Continue reading

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March 2014 Update

Here’s the latest update from Adywan: Things may have been pretty quiet from us recently, but i can assure you that this isn’t the case behind the scenes. Everything is at full throttle. For the past couple of days i … Continue reading

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Hoth Hanger Miniature Mockup

Yesterday, Adywan posted this image of his foamcore mockup of the hanger he’s going to build to replace the matte used in this shot: As you can see by the Pepsi can, it’s going to be rather massive:

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Happy Star Wars Day!

Adywan wishes you a Happy Star Wars Day with a new HD shot from ESBR! Here is a smaller, but word-free version:

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Saga Announcement

Adywan has confirmed a few details about how he will continue the Revisted Saga past this point: Ok, now we’ve got April 1st out of the way i can now make an announcement about the future of the Revisited saga. … Continue reading

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Welcome Cracked-heads / FAQ

Thanks to’s article on “6 Pieces of Fan Art That Are Better Than The Original“, we’re seeing a huge influx of new visitors. I’ll try to answer some FAQs: HOW DO I DOWNLOAD THIS? You go to to¬†find … Continue reading

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