PT:R Facts

FINAL UPDATE (September 1, 2017): Adywan has announced that he will not be Revisiting the prequel trilogy.


Although Adywan is still years away from working on the prequels, here are the snippets of information he has given so far:

2008-11-05, Meridian Star Article:
“C-3PO won’t be built by Anakin or even seen in the prequels until Revenge of the Sith”

2008-11-06, ESBR Thread:
“The PT trilogy will be an even more extensive edit than the OT. Lots of new voice dubs and edits. I’m hoping to make those movies almost unrecognizable.”

2008-12-02, ESBR Thread:
“That part in AOTC where the lights go out and you can see them illuminated by the saber glow will be going from my revisited version. Its just horrible. They’re supposed to be in battle but its so obvious that they are just swinging the sabers around their heads.”

2008-12-05, ESBR Thread:
“When i first planned on doing the saga i wanted to bring the saga together as a whole and not have the PT ruin many of the surprises in the OT, namely Leia being Lukes sister and Vader being Lukes father.  I want them to be able to be watched in chronological order. So in ROTS you will not have Anakin named as Vader or even see him don the costume. The last we see of Anakin is being led away in the life support chamber after it leaves the shuttle. Leia will not be named either. Palpatine has Maul, Dooku & Grievous in the PT, so when we see Vader in ANH we will just think that he’s just another henchman. We will hear mention of Vader in ROTS but not connected to Anakin. And also the problem with Leia remembering her real mother but Padme dies in ROTS will be fixed in the PT, so no changes are needed in ROTJ.
“There will be probably more work done on the PT than in the Revisited OT. I have so many ideas for the PT but a lot of new FX need to be done to achieve this. I’m hoping that a new version of TPM is released before i get to that movie with the new CG Yoda because the abomination that is the PT puppet Yoda just cannot exist in my edit. I’m even thinking of building my own mechanical puppet Yoda to replace the one in that movie.”

2009-06-09, ESBR Thread:
“The PT will be getting a complete colour correction overhaul. TPM is pink, AOTC is orange , and only ROTS looks any way normal.”

2009-06-09, ESBR Thread:
“I have stated from the very beginning of these edits that the PT will be changed to fit the OT. I also stated from the beginning that i will be changing the lightsabers in the PT to match the OT versions. That includes lightsabers. They don’t look the same in the PT and even the blue colouring is different and so is the pointy tip. To create some form of continuity they HAVE to be changed to match the OT ones.”

2009-06-09, ESBR Thread:

Mace will no longer have a purple saber.

2009-06-09, ESBR Thread:
Savage said:
As a completely non-OT:R subject but related to Ady’s mock-up, I would also suggest making Mace the only Jedi to confront Palpy.  This may be a nightmare to edit (both visually and auditory), but if pulled off would add a lot to Mason J. Windu’s character.  Just something to file away until 2019….
“i will be doing that.”

2009-08-06, ESBR Thread:
the trade federation droids will talk in my PT:R trilogy and they won’t be shut down in ROTS

2010-03-24, ESBR Thread:
No, i have no intention of adding any of these (3D-transparent/holographic displays) into my edits. I’m fed up of these type of displays popping up in almost everything, even non sci-fi related.  In fact i may be taking the PT one in Palpatines office out and replacing it with something a little different 😉

2014-12-28, ESBR Thread:
Padme will survive ROTS.