About Revisited

Star Wars Revisited is a fan edit project by a man called Adywan. It started around 2004, when Ady found himself displeased with what the Special Editions of Star Wars had become. He started color-correcting the DVD version, but as he was doing so, he found that there were many things he could figure out how to do to make what he felt the Special Editions should have been. He worked on A New Hope for two years before releasing it in 2008 with a new sound mix, new effects, new music, and hundreds of tiny tweaks.

After a short break, he started work on The Empire Strikes Back. Originally he planned for this one to be easy, but he kept finding more and more tweaks he could make to recreate how he remembered watching the film when it first came out. Besides removing the Special Edition scenes, he also wants to build models to reshoot some effects, build a full-sized Wampa puppet, and even has a team filming to replace some of the shots of Rebel soldiers on Hoth. ESBR will be released in 1080p.

Once that is completed, he plans to move on to Return of the Jedi, also in 1080p. Ady recently announced his intention to go back to A New Hope and recreate it in 1080p.