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Spring 2020 Update – Project Delayed + Demo Reel

Well, the world really has gone to sh*t hasn’t it… This will be my last update for a while. I’ll explain the reasons why further on. So ANH:R has been coming along nicely. Apart from about 12 FX shots, I’ve … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas! First 13 Minutes of ANHR:HD!

Merry Christmas everyone. Here is a 13 minute clip from the HD version of ANH:Revisited. The audio was taken from the original SD version of ANH:R, so this won’t be how the final version will sound. But the video side … Continue reading

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Sail Barge and The Emperor’s Arrival Comparison Video

This is how the colour grading for ROTJ:R is getting on. This really does show just how bad the grading of the official Blu-Ray for this film is. It goes from having magenta tint/ over saturated reds to a heavy … Continue reading

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RotJ:R Color Correction Preview Clip

The official blu-ray of ROTJ, although people seem to think this one has the better colour grading than the other two in the OT, probably has the most problems. From the heavy magenta tone throughout, to boosted reds in the … Continue reading

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ROTJ:R – Oola’s Demise

FIRST CLIP FROM ROTJ:R. Here is the first clip that has some FX work added and some editing tweaks. Although the torture of the droid at the beginning is likely to be removed in the final version, everything is pretty … Continue reading

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Welcome Blue Squadron

The B-wing shoot at the weekend went amazingly well. I can’t thank everyone involved enough for the brilliant job they did. We got all the shots needed and i can’t wait for you to see Blue Squadron in action in … Continue reading

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Goodbye Ronto

Adywan has given us a look at some of the work he’s doing on A New Hope Revisited HD, and how utilizing new higher resolution restorations is going to give us a better Revisited overall! Short video showing one of … Continue reading

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Battle of Yavin HD Color Correction Preview

Time is running out on Adywan’s search for B-Wing pilots, so in the vein of pilots, he’s shared a new clip of pilots! Here is a short video showing the new colour grading of the beginning of the Battle of … Continue reading

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Donation Drive Update & First ANH:R HD Clip

Well last week i posted details of the donation drive prize draw. Sadly it seems that the donation drive has stalled. Out of the 15,000+ that saw the post, we had 6 donations in the first couple of days and … Continue reading

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New “Escape From Bespin” Comparisons Images & Download

I (Drew/doubleofive) have made one of our patented comparison image galleries for the most recent clip. Check it out here! (Push the I button for the captions) Adywan has also uploaded the comparison video outside of Facebook for your own analysis, … Continue reading

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