Spring 2020 Update – Project Delayed + Demo Reel

Well, the world really has gone to sh*t hasn’t it…

This will be my last update for a while. I’ll explain the reasons why further on.
So ANH:R has been coming along nicely. Apart from about 12 FX shots, I’ve now completed up to the escape from the Death Star. That’s 1hr 30mins of the film completed. But , as usual, something had to put a spanner in the works…

A few weeks ago, my wife lost her job. It came completely out of the blue. As the sole bread winner of the family this was going to hit us hard. But we were optimistic of her finding a new job in no time. Plenty of interviews lined up. And then the coronavirus pandemic hit our country. Every single interview cancelled within a week. Recruitment halted and places started ton close down. And then the lockdown happens. within a few weeks our life had turned upside down. But we are not the only ones as almost everyone is suffering through this crisis and there are people a lot worse off than we are.

Trying to get financial help off the government is proving to be very difficult. They have said it is unlikely we would qualify for Universal Credit, but we are still awaiting on the decision. So we are having to make a lot of financial changes to our lives until this pandemic blows over and things can hopefully return to normal and places start recruiting again. So, at the moment, we are surviving on her final wage packet. Things like TV services, internet, phones etc have all got to go until normality returns. But a huge reduction has to be our electric consumption. Just got our latest bill and that was over £160 solely for electric. So i have no other choice but to halt work on Revisited because i HAVE to stop using this computer completely to drastically reduce our consumption. When it on at least 14 hours a day it really does eat up the electric.

So it’s highly likely there won’t be any updates from me for a while.
I was going to schedule some screenshots to be posted over the next few weeks but i thought, what the hell. Forget screenshots, why not post a video showing these shots in action instead. those that can remember the very first video i ever posted when i began working on Revisited will get the homage to that with the disco soundtrack. Hopefully they won’t block this video.
Oh, and for those that noticed the 8 minute preview had been removed from Vimeo, well it seems that they are clamping down on there too now. This doesn’t mean that the project is dead. Just that a request to remove it was placed.

I hope everyone can understand why i have to stop work on Revisited for now.

Hope you enjoy the video

Stay safe everyone. And see you all on the other side…

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