Planned Changes to ANHR in HD

There will be some differences between the original A New Hope Revisited and tbr 1080p rebuild because i can’t recreate it 100% faithfully but it will be as close as possible. Although the edit will be closer to the “Purist” version i released and not the main version. But i won’t be taking any suggestions for changes/ fixes for the HD version

Planned differences so far between the original and HD version of ANH:R

1 – 2 audio tracks. One containing the prequel music during the Vader/ Obi-Wan duel and the other without

2 – No electrical effect on the torture droid needle

3 – Altered Mos Eisley entrance ( no mirrored stormtroopers) and a return to the original 1977 version of the music

4 – Final shot of Tarkin reinstated

5 – Spinning hyperspace jump starfield reinstated

6 – Removal of the Special Edition CG Dewback and Stormtrooper during the “I don’t like the look of this ” scene,
instead just keeping the cg background addition which is less ” in your face”.

7 – Removing Yavin 4 from the SE shot of the X-wings approaching the Death Star. This was an error added for the
Special edition that didn’t exist prior. The Special Edition version now shows Yavin 4 in direct line of sight of
the Death Star. I replaced all of the background ships with the original ships used in the 1977 version, so it’s
now a mixture of original and Special Edition.

8 – No extended Death Star battle sequence. It was something that was more of an experiment in my original version,
but it didn’t work, so it was removed when i did the “purist” version.

9 – No extended Death Star reveal. Another sequence i don’t think worked too well in my original. Original timing and
music will be restored in the HD version. But the Death Star will still be orbiting the planet, as in the original
ANH:R, but it will now be Scarif.

10 – Ponda Baba’s arm with the “furry hand” will be returning to the HD version. The “hoof” hand we see him have
earlier in the scene, while standing at the bar, will be replaced instead with the furry hands.

11 – Obi-Wan ignites first during the Vader / Obi-Wan duel. I wasn’t able to fix the jump cut when he ignites
originally , but now i have been able to. Plus it was originally meant to mirror the ROTS duel where Obi-Wan
ignites first, but i prefer the way it was originally. The whole duel also will have different editing than in my
original version of ANH:R

12 – Most, if not all, jump cuts fixed or smoothed

13 – Droids added to the y-wings during the trench run that were originally missing from the models in that shot

14 – The sources used will be a mixture of the 2011 Blu-Ray and the new 2020 blu-ray. Both releases have major problems
with them but the over use and bad use of “power windows” in the 2020 version ( really horrendous masking where
the section power windows was used stick out like sore thumb and over brightening of areas of a shot that destroys
the original cinematography)tipped the scales in favour of the 2011 version being used as the main source. In many
way the 2020 version is worse than the 2011 version ever was. Although for ROTJ:R, it will be the 2020 blu-ray
used because the 2011 version has more major problems.

15 – Fixed Vaders helmet during the Death Star battle where it has slipped back due to being pressed against the TIE
fighter seat


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