March 2022 Update

I’m Back!!!

Well what a shit start to the year. facebook has finally given me back posting rights to this page after all he fuss with my phone number . Took them bloody long enough to accept it. I would have been back early last month but i had to go and get bloody covid. Knocked me for six and still suffering with the after effects. Energy levels of a 90 year old now. lol.

Anyway, since Facebook blocked me i decided to stay off the net and concentrate on working on ANH:R. Bloody hell i got so much done. Its surprising just how much longer its taking me to do each shot compared to when i did the same shots in the Standard Def version all those years ago. Working in HD really does slow things down. Rotoscoping especially. Things you could get away with when working in DVD res you just can’t with HD. But it will be worth it in the end.

Work on ROTJ:R, at the moment, has almost halted. I want to get ANH:R HD out of the way first. Working on both at the same time became a bit of a nightmare. Burned me out almost. That doesn’t mean to say that nothing is being done on it though. I’m about to start building some of the models that will hopefully be ready to shoot in the summer ( need the good weather to shoot some outside) . I’ll also be tacking some of the FX shots when i take a break from ANH. But the majority won’t start until ANH:R HD is complete and released


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