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June 2016 Update

Not really much to update you on. Things aren’t progressing as fast as i had hoped, but that can’t really be helped thanks to the terrible British weather we are having at the moment, but more on that later…. The … Continue reading

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Hanger Model Update

Here is an update on the progress of the Hoth Hangar miniatures (Falcon hangar and new version of the Transport hangar). Detailing to the walls and ceilings now added, along with the piping and a base coat colour added. Next … Continue reading

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Adywan In The Wall Street Journal

Adywan had the privilege of being interviewed for the Wall Street Journal: ‘Star Wars’ Fans Feel the Force Calling Them Back to Original Cuts Some of the details aren’t correct (Adywan is not disabled and doesn’t live in that town), … Continue reading

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Echo Base Hanger Model

Basic frame for the Falcon hangar is now complete. I need to make the rear walling and then add the plaster coating and detailing , then the polystyrene carving. And, if you are wondering why the left side bays are … Continue reading

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March 2016 Update

Things are progressing really well. All the Han in Carbonite shots are completed, along with the new end credits and the English subtitles. Work continues on the hangar miniatures and the Wampa and then that’s ESB:R completed. I will release … Continue reading

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First Completed Shot of Han in Carbonite

The first completed shot of the new Han in carbonite…. Comparison:

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Han In Carbonite Lighting Test

Doing some lighting tests for the Han in Carbonite. These aren’t the angles that are to be used in the movie as the lighting needs to be different for each shot and then some post processing work would need to … Continue reading

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