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Donation Drive & Progress Update

QUICK UPDATE ON THE DONATION DRIVE AND PROGRESS OF ROTJ:R & ANH:RHD…. First off, sorry for the lack of any updates. I’m having hell with my internet connection. On a 200mb down/ 12mb up connection i am lucky to get … Continue reading

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Return of the Jedi: Revisited Production Begins

After a very short break (well, almost) from completing ESB:R, I will now be starting work on ROTJ:R . Although the full list of fixes and changes will still take time to compile, here are some of the things I … Continue reading

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Opening Crawls: Revisited

One of the most iconic things about Star Wars is the opening crawls. This was one thing i really wanted to change though. Why? Well none of the crawls in the saga match. They are all different speeds, placements etc. … Continue reading

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Podcast Interview

Last week, The Expanded Fandomverse Podcast released their episode featuring an extended interview with Adywan: You get about 90 minutes with Ady, so be sure to check it out for some behind-the-scenes stories and some glimpses of the future!

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Dagobah Trees

Adywan’s current project has been working on making a Dagobah model to replace the matte used in ESB and RotJ, namely the swamp trees. Updated (8/25/14) with new image! Here’s a shot of Ady’s trees with vines (he’s going to … Continue reading

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Han in Carbonite Shirt Fix

This is one of the things most people have never noticed, so many don’t understand what is being fixed here. Adywan is currently working on a life-sized cast of Han in Carbonite to fix his shirt. For those who don’t … Continue reading

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Why 720p for Revisited is Enough

People have been asking why i am not doing the HD versions of the edits in 1080p, but instead opting for 720p. Well it’s down to a few factors; One being that I am having to use the 2006 bonus … Continue reading

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