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The final ever large donation drive is now on. Now that the B-Wing Pilot shoot is well and truly out of the way and the colour grading is complete on ANH & past the halfway stage for ROTJ, I can … Continue reading

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Empire: Revisited DVD-5 Available & News On Blu-Rays

The NTSC DVD-5 “Barebones Edition” of ESB:R is now available. Links can be found here: Posted by Star Wars: Revisited -The Saga on Saturday, August 12, 2017 For those wanting the Blu-Ray edition, then i’m afraid you are not going to … Continue reading

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Empire Strikes Back Revisited MKV & DVD-5 Available

The first wave of the release of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackĀ RevisitedĀ is available for download. This wave consists of the 720p MKV (high definition, no menu). The MKV is a compressed 8 GB but still HD version of the … Continue reading

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Two Updates On The Wampa

7/7/17 After seeing some of the comments on my last post, i need to address a few misconceptions about the wampa and what it was being used for: 1- There is no test footage of the wampa. It didn’t get … Continue reading

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Bad News, Good News

Bad news…. The wampa is being scrapped Did a full costume test fitting of the wampa today and it’s just not working. One disaster after another. Claustrophobia and heat are a huge factor in the problems. But also the head … Continue reading

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End of June Update

Things are progressing very nicely now. Wampa body is completed and all that is left to do for the costume is the adding the detailing, like dirtying and adding the ice etc. The costume is pretty big and bulky, as … Continue reading

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Just A Little Longer

Progress is a little slower than i had anticipated. Finishing this damn wampa is proving more of a pain that i’d hoped, but it’s getting there. It didn’t help that, while watching the final workprint, i noticed that two shots … Continue reading

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Final Model Shot

On this day in 1980, The Empire Strikes back received it’s World premiere…… On this day in 1968, i was born……. And, on this day, the very final model created for ESB:R is being filmed. Just a few finishing touches … Continue reading

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ESBR Coming June 2017

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Echo Base Finishing Touches

Just adding the finishing touches to the Rebel transport hangar ready for filming tonight. A bit more snow to add to the floor in places and then finalise the lighting of the set. It’s lit by the daylight coming through … Continue reading

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