Adywan In The Wall Street Journal

Adywan had the privilege of being interviewed for the Wall Street Journal:

‘Star Wars’ Fans Feel the Force Calling Them Back to Original Cuts

Some of the details aren’t correct (Adywan is not disabled and doesn’t live in that town), but it’s a decent overview of the Star Wars Fan Edit culture.

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Echo Base Hanger Model

Basic frame for the Falcon hangar is now complete. I need to make the rear walling and then add the plaster coating and detailing , then the polystyrene carving. And, if you are wondering why the left side bays are taller than they look in the film, well during other shots we see of the hangar, those bays are a lot taller and the columns are larger than the right side x-wing bays on the set (as you can see in the photo of the actual set).

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March 2016 Update

Things are progressing really well. All the Han in Carbonite shots are completed, along with the new end credits and the English subtitles. Work continues on the hangar miniatures and the Wampa and then that’s ESB:R completed. I will release the mkv 720p version first. The DVD & Blu-Ray will come sometime later as there is more to create for those so, if i was to wait until those are created, it would be a much longer wait, and you have all waited long enough already. Plus i really need to move onto ROTJ.
Shooting [for ROTJ] is scheduled to take place in September, and that’s a date that can’t really be changed due to a few things happening, which i will explain at a later date. This will be for the Rebel pilots ( B-Wings first). Now i will need at least 2 months prior to this to create the costumes and cockpit set(s), so ESB will have to be completed by July at the latest. At this point i will need to begin a donation drive for ROT:R as finishing off ESB has completely wiped me out financially (and also slowing things up a little)

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First Completed Shot of Han in Carbonite

The first completed shot of the new Han in carbonite….




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Han In Carbonite Lighting Test

Doing some lighting tests for the Han in Carbonite. These aren’t the angles that are to be used in the movie as the lighting needs to be different for each shot and then some post processing work would need to be done to match the colour etc. They are just to show the model under these lighting conditions.

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Mid-January 2016 Update

An update from Adywan:

Work on ESB:R has officially recommenced…..

But i haven’t been completely idle throughout the Christmas break. I continued working on the audio mix and this was completed last weekend. All that’s left to do is to render it out into its various formats. I’m still undecided whether or not to bother with a 6.1 track and just stick with 5.1 instead. The 6th channel (rear centre) of the official release has about 5 sound effects in total throughout the whole movie. And they are not anything that really need to be channel specific to the surround sound effect anyway. they could easily be placed into the rear L&R channels and the would sound the same. The whole 6.1 thing, for ESB especially, is a gimmick. So it looks like it will be 5.1 DTS-MA and 5.1 Dolby that i end up going with.

Today i have been setting up the HiC ready for filming. Matching the lighting will be tricky, but it doesn’t have to match 100% anyway. Once that is out of the way and i have added each shot into the composite( probably by the end of the week) i will start building the Hoth Hangar for the Millennium Falcon. While this is going on I will also be making the underskull for the Wampa and start testing out the mechanics of the mouth.

And , to all the people that have been asking , NO there will NOT be a TFA: Revisited

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Final 2015 Update on ESBR

Well , today , work on the practical side of things for ESB:R has ceased until the new year.

The models in the photos i just posted are 99% completed. Just a few more minor detailing to add, including the Millennium Falcon’s ramp, and they are ready for filming.

The Han in Carbonite is also now completed. But filming will now have to wait until the new year as it’s now stored in my workroom while we get everything ready for Christmas.

So , in the new year, i will just need to finish building the Falcon hangar miniature set and shoot it, shoot the transport hangar set, shoot the Han in Carbonite prop and then add them all into the film. Once they are out of the way, the only thing left to make and film will be the Wampa. The audio , i have already started on , and is about 75% completed.

With TFA and Christmas right around the corner, i won’t be posting a preview clip this Christmas. To be honest, i’ve probably showed too much already. But the main reason is that i just won’t have the time to do anything. I just want to forget about Revisited until the new Year and concentrate on spending time with my family ( and going to see TFA of course wink emoticon )

So, as i probably won’t be around much from now until the new year, we would like to wish you all , from the entire Revisited team, a very Merry Christmas ( or whatever holiday you may be celebrating) and a Happy New Year…….

See you in 2016

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