How To Get Revisited

First, Star Wars is copyrighted by LFL and you have to own a copy of the films in order to own a copy of this edit. This is a free edit/enhancement, if you bought this edit from someone you have to go kick them in the nuts and get your money back (this was also Ady’s suggestion in the pop up video section listing all the changed of ANH:R and we all agree wholeheartedly.). If they do not have nuts, well just get your money back and call them a bad word to make them cry. =P

Now how to get Revisited…….

There are direct download links available. These have not been posted by anyone on the Revisited team, but by others.


Links to the DVD versions of Episode 4 are currently unavailable. Only the standard def version of Ep 4 is currently released. The 1080p version is still some way off yet, but is being worked on at this moment.

4GB MP4:

File#1 STAR_WARS_EP_4_REVISITED_SD_x264_MP4.part1.rar
File#2 STAR_WARS_EP_4_REVISITED_SD_x264_MP4.part2.rar
File#3 STAR_WARS_EP_4_REVISITED_SD_x264_MP4.part3.rar
File#4 STAR_WARS_EP_4_REVISITED_SD_x264_MP4.part4.rar
File#5 STAR_WARS_EP_4_REVISITED_SD_x264_MP4.part5.rar



File #2 STAR_WARS_EP_5_REVISITED_1080P_x264_ADYWAN.part01.rar
File #3 STAR_WARS_EP_5_REVISITED_1080P_x264_ADYWAN.part02.rar
File #4 STAR_WARS_EP_5_REVISITED_1080P_x264_ADYWAN.part03.rar
File #5 STAR_WARS_EP_5_REVISITED_1080P_x264_ADYWAN.part04.rar
File #6 STAR_WARS_EP_5_REVISITED_1080P_x264_ADYWAN.part05.rar
File #7 STAR_WARS_EP_5_REVISITED_1080P_x264_ADYWAN.part06.rar
File #8 STAR_WARS_EP_5_REVISITED_1080P_x264_ADYWAN.part07.rar
File #9 STAR_WARS_EP_5_REVISITED_1080P_x264_ADYWAN.part08.rar
File #10 STAR_WARS_EP_5_REVISITED_1080P_x264_ADYWAN.part09.rar
File #11 STAR_WARS_EP_5_REVISITED_1080P_x264_ADYWAN.part10.rar
File #12 STAR_WARS_EP_5_REVISITED_1080P_x264_ADYWAN.part11.rar
File #13 STAR_WARS_EP_5_REVISITED_1080P_x264_ADYWAN.part12.rar

For those with usenet access , here is the NZB for the 1080p 12GB MP4:



File #1 ESBR_Barebones_NTSC_DVD5.part1.rar
File #2 ESBR_Barebones_NTSC_DVD5.part2.rar
File #3 ESBR_Barebones_NTSC_DVD5.part3.rar
File #4 ESBR_Barebones_NTSC_DVD5.part4.rar

The films have been split into multiple 1GB compressed files. This is to allow you do download multiple files before Mega’s free account download limit kicks in (see the next paragraph). You need to download all the RAR files into the same folder, then use Winrar or similar program to unpack the files to give you the joined movie. Once you have decompressed the RAR files , you can delete those. If you have problems unpacking the files then make sure you are using Winrar v5.5 or above.

Mega have placed a download limit of 5GB for free accounts. Once you have reached that limit there is a waiting time of around 5 hours+ before they will let you continue your downloads.  There is nothing we can do about this as we do not host these files and have been kindly uploaded by someone outside of the Revisited team.

We do not have anything to do with these links so they may be removed if we are instructed to do so.

If you have NO idea what I’m talking about then learn. Simple as that… I’ve done more than my part here and learned the bulk of this on my own so you should do the same. Should you wish not to learn but still want this version of Star Wars then I’d recommend making friends with someone more tech savvy than you are and the patience to help you further.