Things have been very quiet from me lately on the Facebook group. This has been an unintended consequence of facebook being complete idiots and changing the Revisited page to a bloody Business page, without bothering to inform me. This page was never and shall never be a business, so why the hell did they think it’s ok to do that? With them doing this they are now demanding that proof of my residential location and phone number to prove i am who i say i am. I don’t have the Facebook app on my phone and i don’t intend to install it just for them to track my location ( something i never have switched on my phone anyway). Even when i try to add my phone number to my adywan facebook account it says the number is in use and that i have to provide another one so they can send me codes to input when i log in . Contacting them has been a waste of time. I don’t even think there are any humans working there by the looks of things. Just one automated reply after another. So i am unable to post anything on the Facebook page at the moment

So, what can i do now? Well apparently my other account, which i use solely for family and friends i know in my real life, still has admin privileges. That is until i try to post anything and there is no way of posting anything as this feature has been disabled. So what is going on facebook? It’s all about money now. But them doing this could have serious consequences for fan pages that end up getting switched to a business page as this could look like it’s been set up to profit from the copyright holders IP, which , as you know, is something that i am completely against. I do this for fun and that is it.

So i have been quiet of facebook because i’m fed up with it until this crap is sorted out. But there really isn’t an alternative. Twitter is pretty much useless for posting updates because of the text limits.

So updates , for the foreseeable future will be here and over at Hopefully after Xmas i can get a cheap phone that will enable me to install their crap so things can get back to some sort of normality.

I can’t apologise enough for this, but it’s out of my control at the moment. But don’t worry….the edit is still going ahead. Lot’s of work has been done on the 1080p version of ANH:R ( staying off facebook has helped me focus more on the edit, so there’s at least one good thing that has come out of this. lol)

I’ll do the prize draw for the B-Wing helmet as soon as i can post again on the Facebook page


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