Donation Drive Update and New ANH:R HD Clip

We’ve had an amazing response to the donation drive since my last post. The total needed has almost halved in the last week. The amount now needed to reach our goal is just £387. Thank you all so much. At this rate we could hit our goal by next weekend. As usual you can donate through Paypal’s Money Pool feature using the following link:

For those that have had problems donating this way I have set up a temporary link that you can donate using USD. Sadly this way does incur Paypal charges on my side, but at least its pretty minimal.…

Don’t forget that , for every £20 you donate, you will get a ticket into the prize draw to win Blue Leader’s B-wing pilot’s helmet that was used in filming the extra scenes for ROTJ:R. If you have donated multiple times then your total donations are added up and divided by 20 to give the total number of tickets entered.

Now , as I promised last week, here is a short clip from the 1080p version of ANH:R. In this comparison clip it shows that i’m using both the 2011 & 2020 blu-ray versions. You can identify which version I am using because , when that source is used, the sources title will turn red. It also shows just how washed out and badly graded the 2020 versions really are. At times its a sea of muddy brown whereas the 2011 versions had a blue tint added.The audio track is just a temp track using the 1997 version and not and indication of what the final mix will sound like.

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