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Well 2 months+ without internet was a nightmare. ISP claimed the problem wasn’t to do with them and that they couldn’t send an engineer to my house because of their Covid rules. Restrictions here were relaxed last Monday, engineer came around and it turns out the problem was at their junction box at the end of the street. So it seems the problems i was having with facebook and other sites was all linked to my line starting to crap out.

Anyway, some good news. ESB:R 1080p is complete and should be available to download next week. It will be a 12GB MP4 file with AC3 5.1 @640kbps. So keep an eye out on the page next week for the links. This is not a 100% upscale though. Many, many shots have been re-rendered in native 1080p . The opening crawl and end credits have also be re-rendered in 1080p

Now ESB:R 1080p is out of the way, i can get back to work on ROTJ:R & ANH:R HD. ANH:R HD will be native 1080p. I’ve already completed up to the droids going their separate ways on Tatooine. It was originally about 70% complete when i was originally doing it in 720p, but now i have to re-render all the FX & fixes i did in 1080p. Luckily the colour correction i did for ANH was originally done in 1080p, so i can just swap out the 720p version with the higher quality one. Here are a few screenshot comparisons of the new 1080p version of ANH:R….








As you can see, there a mixture of the 2011 & 2020 blu-rays being used here. I don’t think that the new 2020 blu-rays are as great as people that are raving about them think they are. There are some serious problems with both releases. The 2020 blu-rays have a serious problem with static grain, as you know, and the grading is horrendous. They’re just so flat. Just look in the bright areas and there’s no definition on details. A flat, muddy mess. It’s almost as if they didn’t even grade the raw scans they did. Also the digital noise reduction they used has eliminated a lot of detail. For the shots i have already added any fixes and effects work, i need to keep to the 2011 as a source, or i would have to start from scratch and i really don’t want to have to do that. So it’ll be a mixture of both sources.

Now onto the donation drive….

We’re now just £976 away from the goal target. So, if you can help us reach the target it would be very much appreciated and i can then get things really moving on ROTJ:R. I got the extra drives needed, but thanks to Brexit and the pandemic, prices of things have rocketed up here, so getting those wiped out a large chunk of the budget.

You can donate through Paypal’s Money Pool feature using the following link:


For those that have said they are having problems donating this way then i will be setting up an alternative and i will post that tomorrow.

Thanks everyone and i’m sorry again about the lack of updates. Hopefully things are back to normal and i can get back to those that messaged me during this downtime.



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