Summer 2020 Update – Editing Resumes Next Month

Work will resume of the Revisited edits on September 14th. 😁😁😁

At the end of this month we will finally start to have a wage coming back into the household. Sadly a lot less than we had before, but at least its enough for us to cover our bills and food. And there are a LOT of people that are suffering a LOT more than we have than still don’t have this luxury.

Thank you so much to everyone that helped support me through these difficult times. I really can’t thank you enough. Yes, this period has created a hell of a lot of debt for us, but at least, thanks to you guys, we were able to cover some of our bills.

I must apologise for not doing the Q&A video that i originally promised. To be honest i just haven’t been in the right frame of mind to do anything like that. But it will be coming shortly after i restart work on the edits.
Things will still remain quite quiet until the start date because i’m still severely limiting the time spent on the computer to keep the electric bill low until we can start affording it again.

I’m also going to go back in this thread to try and answer as many of the questions asked that i have missed

Thank you all for being so understanding.

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