May The 4th Be With You!

First off i would like to thank everyone for your supportive comments/ messages during this difficult time. And to those that sent a donation & offered help i can’t thank you enough. I had a lot of messages/ comments asking how they could help with a donation (sorry to those that i haven’t replied to but i am limiting my internet time to once a week at the moment) , well the easiest way would be through the original donation Paypal money pool. This is the link.

In other news, i have been able to check out the new Blu-Ray for ROTJ. Wow, what a difference. The picture is much sharper than the original blu-rays and the grading is also much better. It does still have its problems though. Static grain being the main one. The image has too much Digital noise reduction applied in places causing the image to look unnatural and soft. I think i have a way of minimising the static grain, but i won’t know until i can get back to work on the edits. The grading is good for the most part but it does need some work, but nowhere near as much as the 2011 blu-rays did.

While editing work is at a halt , i thought i might do a Q&A session where i can answer questions you have about ROTJ:R or the Revisited saga in general. So, if you post your questions in the comments on Facebook, i will try to answer as many as i can in a video that i will post in a week or two’s time.

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