December 2019 Update

Sorry things have been quiet here lately. But it’s that time of the year when i concentrate more on getting things needed to be done at home to be ready for Christmas and work on the edits take more of a back seat. Plus i seem to have been getting every single damn bug that’s been going around here in the UK lately, so have been quite ill. Still haven’t fully recovered. But they weren’t the only reasons why i have been so quiet

There has been a major development that has altered plans for these edits somewhat…. Disney+.

There had been rumours, prior to the streaming service going live, that there would be brand new 4k scans of the OT and now we know this came to be true. Unfortunately we don;t have access to Disney+ in the UK so i was unable to check out these new scans until recently. Well they have turned out to be a game changer. While ANH and ESB seem to suffer with some grading problems in places, ROTJ looks beautiful for the most part and would need minimal work to enhance the grading, unlike the amount of work needed to fix the current blu-rays. This was the film that had so many problems with grading and having a whole reel scanned out of focus on the Blu-Ray releases. So the rumours of a 4k set of the saga being released in 2020 are looking much more likely now.

While i won’t be using the streaming versions for my edits, because of compression etc, i will be using official physical releases for ROTJ:R. Which has changed plans significantly. I have stopped work on the grading of ROTJ as i will no longer be using the current blu-rays for that film. This means stopping work on the film until an official Blu-Ray release of the new versions. It would be madness for me to continue when there is going to be something much better to use at some point. This also means not working on any effects shots that incorporate parts of the blu-ray picture ( like fixes, matte enhancements etc). I will, however, be continuing work on models and shots that will be used as a complete replacement for existing ones. This will all start after Christmas now i have all the supplies needed. But just because i will be using the new 4k transfers of ROTJ, this doesn’t mean that it will be in 4k. The saga will still be 720p

So i’m going to concentrate mainly on ANH:R HD. I’m happy with the completed colour grading i did for that film and having already completed the first quarter of the film it wouldn’t be worth scrapping everything just to use the new versions.

I’m off now to down another Lemsip and try to recover from this damn ilness


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