RotJ:R Color Correction Preview Clip

The official blu-ray of ROTJ, although people seem to think this one has the better colour grading than the other two in the OT, probably has the most problems. From the heavy magenta tone throughout, to boosted reds in the dark areas, green imperial uniforms in places and, where the others suffered with heavy blue tints and over saturated colours, ROTJ seems to be lacking some of the blue tones in the film. There are also shots where most of the colour is missing in favour of a blue/ magenta shift.

This film seems like it’s going to take the most work to try and fix or improve the colour problems.

Here is a sample that really shows how screwed the colours for ROTJ really are. Green uniforms? Really? The opening shot of the hangar is an example of missing colour. It’s so desaturated but given colour by the overall blue tint. Almost gone are the yellow floor lights.

Then we have Luke’s holographic message in which the blue is completely missing in the official version.

The section in this preview alone took over a month to re-grade the colour.

Another comparison preview, this time featuring Han’s unthawing and the Rancor battle will be uploaded later in the week.


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