ROTJ:R – Oola’s Demise


Here is the first clip that has some FX work added and some editing tweaks. Although the torture of the droid at the beginning is likely to be removed in the final version, everything is pretty much as it will appear in ROTJ:R. Tweaks done to Jabba’s & Sy’s mouth, a blink now and then on the creatures ( only one is complete so far in this), re-edited the original, integrating some of the SE shots, and organising shots to sync up better with Sy’s vocals. Using the great 4k83 restorations as a basis for this, along with the blu-ray, some colour grading (which is still in progress) and some more scratch/ speckle clean up work to be done. Some FX work needs to be done on a couple of shots where i need to fix the background ( mainly the side shot of Oola from the SE’s where they shot her against a blue-screen but added a character in the background that isn’t there in the shots before or after). Sound is, as usual, a very rough temp track as the sound side of things won’t start until the visual side of the film is completed.

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