Empire: Revisited DVD-5 Available & News On Blu-Rays

The NTSC DVD-5 “Barebones Edition” of ESB:R is now available. Links can be found here:

Posted by Star Wars: Revisited -The Saga on Saturday, August 12, 2017

For those wanting the Blu-Ray edition, then i’m afraid you are not going to be happy. You are going to have to wait a lot longer……

Creating the disc structure, all the special features etc takes a lot of time. So i have decided to go about it a different way. Instead of spending time that could be spent on working on ANH:R & ROTJ:R, i will now be creating and releasing all 3 Blu-Ray versions of the films AFTER i have completed the saga.

This way i can have a 3 disc saga and then just one special Features disc that will feature a longer behind the scenes feature on all 3 films in the Revisited saga, plus all the extra special features that go along with it.

Therefore i can have each disc concentrating on the film only, which will maximise the video bitrate that would otherwise be taken up by the extras, resulting in higher quality BD-25.

I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear, but it is the most sensible way of going around this.


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