B-Wing Shooting Schedule & Supporting A Fan Film

The pilots have been chosen…..

I’ll be announcing who our B-Wing pilots are next week.

Chris, our cameraman for the B-wing shoot, has done a lot of research into the type of lenses that were used during the filming of ROTJ, so we will be using the same or similar lenses to those originally used. This will help to blend in the old with the new footage.

Saturday, October 20th, we will be shooting the cockpit scenes. Then, on the Sunday, we will be shooting something else…..

Chris is in the process of producing a Star Wars fan film. This will feature a B-wing pilot, so a few scenes will be filmed using the Revisited cockpit. So it can have one final use before it is dismantled and scrapped.

Here is a link to Chris’s Kickstarter page for his short, ” Why We Fight”. If you can help Chris reach his target by either donating or sharing the kickstarter page to any Star Wars groups you are a member of to get the word out, then it would be much appreciated.



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