March 2018 Update

I’m Back…

I’ve finally got my internet back up and running. LOTS of catching up to do. To those waiting on a reply to messages and emails, i will get back to you as soon as possible. I have a LOT of emails i need to get through after being offline for so long, so it could take a while.

So, what have i been doing since my last update? …..

Colour grading on the HD version of ANH is almost complete. I have completed up to the first trench run, so not too long to go on that. Effects work on that will start shortly after the grading is completed and i will start posting some preview clips.

ROTJ grading will start immediately after ANH is complete.

The new PC is up and running. Sadly Windows 7 couldn’t install on the new system thanks to the Nvme drives and not supporting my chipset( and installing the drivers while installing win7 kept failing) so i had to switch to windows 10. Yuk. That operating system sucks. So many of my older programs refuse to run and, apart from super fast boot up, things seem slower than my older PC in some respects. Luckily rendering is faster, for the most part.

Now that i can finally access my emails, i can do the prize draw, This will be happening next week, so keep an eye out for the winners announcement.

Hopefully, now i’m back up and running, things will go more smoothly.


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