Donation Drive & Progress Update

First off, sorry for the lack of any updates. I’m having hell with my internet connection. On a 200mb down/ 12mb up connection i am lucky to get 9mb and i have zero upload speed. This is causing havoc with accessing facebook and other pages. now and then my connection will improve for a moment but then its back to useless. Virgin, my provider, is still claiming there is nothing wrong. So i”m looking to get out of my contract early and swap providers. unfortunately the next fastest speeds available from other providers is 80mb, which is a huge downgrade. This means that i am unable to upload anything, even pictures at the moment.
The colour grading stage for ANH:RHD is now at about 60% complete. It’s a struggle with this PC at the moment. Rendering about 30 seconds of graded footage from After effects takes about 30-60 minutes depending on how many layers/ effects are added, but 30 minutes is about the average. And thats when it doesn’t completely lock up part way through rendering. Upgrading is now a must. I would hate to think how it would cope when i start the effects work. It’s had a good innings though and has been put through a lot.
Work on the video side of ROTJ:R hasn’t started yet. I did get a couple of external hard drives with the donations just to enable me to free up a little space and continue working on the ANH grading stage. Grading at 1080p really eats up the drive space, so ROTJ will have to wait until i can get the new PC. I have started the design stage of ROTJ though. Planning out the new cargo shuttle and the B-wing cockpit along with a few other things. But i will need to start work, if possible, on ROTJ so i can begin editing and seeing what is needed with the extra live action footage and B-wing action and where it needs to go. I’ll only know if the new scenes will fit once i start editing.
Now onto the donation drive. Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated so far. We are still a very long way off the target. So far we have raised just under £1500 of the £6000 target. So far i have had to dip in the current total in order to get the external drives, some silicone/ resin and other materials so i can start work on the costumes and props that will be needed for the live action shoot next year. i really couldn’t delay starting this side of things if i have any chance to hit the late spring/ early summer deadline date that i need everything completed and get the b-wing cockpit shots filmed. Unfortunately this has hit the donations and still need at least £1000 to get the new PC up and running. It was really a catch 22 situation. with almost enough to get the new PC, the dilemma i faced was, if i got the new PC with the total raised so far, would i be able to raise enough in time to afford all the materials needed for even just the live action shoots, let along the material needed for the models etc. If i can;t make the summer deadline for the start of filming, then it would have to be delayed until summer 2019 because there is no way i would be able to have a full cockpit set up in the dining room after this date due to family commitments in which i need the dining room available. And i really want to get this project finished as soon as possible.
I was hoping to be able to announce the details of the donation prize draw by now but i need to upload pictures of the prizes. As i have said previously, these prizes aren’t being used for ROTJ so, as soon as the donation target is reached, the draw can take place and the prizes can be immediately shipped (unlike the last draw because i needed to hold them back in case they were needed as completing ESB took so long). But those are ready to ship now and, as soon as i can access my messages and emails again ( and even read comments because, thanks to this crappy internet, reading facebook comments that aren’t visible unless you expand them, which just cycles and then freezes facebook at the moment) then i can contact the winners and arrange shipment. But there will be two main prize winners and then runners up prizes for this new draw.
Hopefully my net connection will get sorted soon so i can upload some more pictures of the grading of ANH and also photos of whats up for grabs with the prize draw along with some of the designs i have done so far..
That’s it for now. If you are able to donate to the project, then please do as its still a long way off being able to properly start this final Revisited project. I am very appreciative of all the help you have given me. I really can’t do this project without you guys, so again, thank you. Fingers crossed we can get to a total that will enable me to at least get the PC so i can really get stuck into this 🙂


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