March 2017 Update

Today i’m putting the finishing touches to the transport hangar miniature (well not that miniature with it measuring 9ft L x 6ft W x 3ft H 😉 ) Just the cosmetics now like adding the snow to the floor, adding the ships, cargo and other set decorations etc. Testing out the lighting before everything is pieced together and found one of the ceiling lights died, so had to rip that out and replace, but the rest seem fine. Filming this set should be happening in the next few daysnow the Wampa is proving to be a bit of a B*stard. The cabling system for the mouth has stopped working for some reason now it’s installed. In tests it worked fine but now the mask is ready for installation, its snagging somewhere as the cable has become too tight to pull. But i just can’t see what is causing it. The cable is running freely through the outer casing, the mouth hing is moving freely and is able to be moved with just a very light touch, but once you pull on the cable it just won’t move. But i’ll figure this out. If not then it could mean scrapping the Wampa, which i don’t want to do, because the mouth movement is essential to this. 

So i should have both the hangars filmed by the end of the month/ first week in April. A few weeks worth of work adding all of the extra stuff in the composition and it’s then just the wampa. So the end is very close now. Once i have the hangars finished and added to the editing timeline i will finally have a good idea of a release date, so check back sometime in April for that 🙂 

Because there won’t be much to update you on in the mean time, the next update will be mid to late April (apart from maybe some pics of the hangars). But that will be an update you won’t want to miss 😉


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