New Laptop & A Change Of Plans

A huge thank you to everyone that donated. I got the laptop today [yesterday].

Getting everything set up now ready to start filming. Reassembled the Transport hangar set and now installing the ceiling and floor lighting which should be complete by monday. Then i just need to add the snow covered floor and dress the set with the ships and accessories and we’re good to go. Shooting should be complete for the hangars within 2 weeks. Then its time to rip the sets apart and make way for the wampa cave set…I’ll also be adding the fur and horns to the wampa this week and finish the body suit. Again a couple of weeks and that should be good to go. 

One thing i won’t be doing after ESB:R is completed and released is taking any sort of break. I will be starting ROTJ straight away. Cockpit shots need to be filmed this september and there is a LOT of work to do to get everything ready for that deadline. It’s a deadline that needs to be met. 

I have changed plans about how i am doing the rest of the saga. Originally i was going to do the remaining ones all at the same time, but i have decided to concentrate on ROTJ and do only the planning and some light work on the prequels to start with. As ROTJ progresses i will have more time to work on the prequels. All the work done on ESB, with the models, costumes etc, has given me a much better idea of what can and can’t be done on a limited budget and resources, so i can now begin to work around that when planning what needs to be done

So, not long now…..


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