October 2016 Update

Not much of an update for October as things have been progressing slowly…..

Work on the Wampa and hangars continues. Had a few nightmares with the Wampa, but its all a learning curve that will come in very handy when doing the following films. The face has been cast and the process of applying the fur has started. I’ll post some pictures in about a week or so showing its progress. I’ll then start stitching the fur together for the body and start on the hands. 

The hangars are almost complete. all the details, like the small models of boxes etc, are now fully painted and ready to go. I just need to wire up all the LEDs for the floor lights, so that’s going to take a few days at least. Then its the fun task of piecing it all together and adding the snow and other detailing ready for filming. 

The big problem i’m having is finances. As i have said i will be financing the remaining part of this edit myself, there will be no more donation drives until i start work on ROTJ. So i can only go as fast as the spare money i have each month takes me. But when you get a sudden £400+ car repair bill ( thank you UK roads and your damn pot holes that appear too late for you to swerve to avoid them), this seriously hits the speed at which i can continue because it wipes out any funds i had available, for months on end. So i just have to get bits and bobs when i can and work around this type of setback. But i do assure you, i am working as fast as i possibly can to get this thing finished.

But we are almost there….. It’s just that life’s a bitch at times

After the many messages and comments since my last post, i have decided that, in order to finish this edit as soon as possible, i will have to accept these kind offers of donations one last time. 

If you want to donate towards the final stage of the project, then you can donate through this site. Just click on one of the paypal icons on the right side of the page. For anyone wanting to donate in a currency other than GBP or USD then you can send donations, through paypal, to adywan@hotmail.co.uk

A rough estimate on the cost of what is left to do is approx £550. This is for the cost of building the section of the Wampa cave (wood, plaster etc) , some more platsil gel 00 for the Wampa, casting silicone , foam, herculite plaster, pigments, and other small materials. 

Thanks you


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