Opening Crawls: Revisited

One of the most iconic things about Star Wars is the opening crawls. This was one thing i really wanted to change though. Why? Well none of the crawls in the saga match. They are all different speeds, placements etc.

This is something i wanted to redo when i did ANH:Revisited, but just couldn’t achieve it at the time. But now, thanks to our CG guy Andreas, it is now possible to have all of the Revisited crawls match each other. Now the speeds and placements match completely. The HD crawls for episodes 4-6 are complete. The prequel crawls will be done when i get to those films because there will be a lot of changes made to the text in those, which i won’t be sorting out until work starts on the films themselves.

Now, when The Force Awakens was released, there was a big fuss made about the font they used in the episode title in the crawl. many complained that they used the wrong font. Well , the font was the one used for Episodes 4 & 5, just slightly thicker. It was only when it came to ROTJ that they used a different font and then followed on with that one with the prequels. So i have used the style that originally appeared in eps 4 & 5, as these were the first ones in the saga and the one used in the very first seen crawl upon release (ESB). Visually, as i won’t be doing a TFA Revisited, the crawls will be almost exact in both colour and font, but not speed etc, mainly down to the new timing of the crawl.

If the main theme sounds a little weird to you then that is because, for this video, as each episode appears on the screen it switches to its corresponding title music form the soundtrack.

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