Wampa Head Sculpt

Things are progressing nicely. Hangar lights, objects etc have been painted and just need to be weathered now and they’re ready to go. So should only be a few days worth of work to finish those off.Then it will just be adding all the ceiling and floor lights and wiring everything together.


The weather has improved ( gone from wet and miserable to baking hot in the past couple of days). So i’ve started sculpting the Wampa. I’m just at the basic shaping stage at the moment, so it’s very rough, but it’s good to finally be able to start this thing. I’ll get the head sculpted and cast first before moving on to completing the costume and sculpting the hands. I’m basing the sculpt on the puppet version we see attacking Luke at the beginning and NOT the Special Edition version as i feel the original is the best looking version of the Wampa.

The end is getting close 🙂


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