March 2016 Update

Things are progressing really well. All the Han in Carbonite shots are completed, along with the new end credits and the English subtitles. Work continues on the hangar miniatures and the Wampa and then that’s ESB:R completed. I will release the mkv 720p version first. The DVD & Blu-Ray will come sometime later as there is more to create for those so, if i was to wait until those are created, it would be a much longer wait, and you have all waited long enough already. Plus i really need to move onto ROTJ.
Shooting [for ROTJ] is scheduled to take place in September, and that’s a date that can’t really be changed due to a few things happening, which i will explain at a later date. This will be for the Rebel pilots ( B-Wings first). Now i will need at least 2 months prior to this to create the costumes and cockpit set(s), so ESB will have to be completed by July at the latest. At this point i will need to begin a donation drive for ROT:R as finishing off ESB has completely wiped me out financially (and also slowing things up a little)


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