Mid-January 2016 Update

An update from Adywan:

Work on ESB:R has officially recommenced…..

But i haven’t been completely idle throughout the Christmas break. I continued working on the audio mix and this was completed last weekend. All that’s left to do is to render it out into its various formats. I’m still undecided whether or not to bother with a 6.1 track and just stick with 5.1 instead. The 6th channel (rear centre) of the official release has about 5 sound effects in total throughout the whole movie. And they are not anything that really need to be channel specific to the surround sound effect anyway. they could easily be placed into the rear L&R channels and the would sound the same. The whole 6.1 thing, for ESB especially, is a gimmick. So it looks like it will be 5.1 DTS-MA and 5.1 Dolby that i end up going with.

Today i have been setting up the HiC ready for filming. Matching the lighting will be tricky, but it doesn’t have to match 100% anyway. Once that is out of the way and i have added each shot into the composite( probably by the end of the week) i will start building the Hoth Hangar for the Millennium Falcon. While this is going on I will also be making the underskull for the Wampa and start testing out the mechanics of the mouth.

And , to all the people that have been asking , NO there will NOT be a TFA: Revisited


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