Final 2015 Update on ESBR

Well , today , work on the practical side of things for ESB:R has ceased until the new year.

The models in the photos i just posted are 99% completed. Just a few more minor detailing to add, including the Millennium Falcon’s ramp, and they are ready for filming.

The Han in Carbonite is also now completed. But filming will now have to wait until the new year as it’s now stored in my workroom while we get everything ready for Christmas.

So , in the new year, i will just need to finish building the Falcon hangar miniature set and shoot it, shoot the transport hangar set, shoot the Han in Carbonite prop and then add them all into the film. Once they are out of the way, the only thing left to make and film will be the Wampa. The audio , i have already started on , and is about 75% completed.

With TFA and Christmas right around the corner, i won’t be posting a preview clip this Christmas. To be honest, i’ve probably showed too much already. But the main reason is that i just won’t have the time to do anything. I just want to forget about Revisited until the new Year and concentrate on spending time with my family ( and going to see TFA of course wink emoticon )

So, as i probably won’t be around much from now until the new year, we would like to wish you all , from the entire Revisited team, a very Merry Christmas ( or whatever holiday you may be celebrating) and a Happy New Year…….

See you in 2016


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