Han in Carbonite Sculpt Completed, Wampa Started

The Han in Carbonite sculpt has been completed and the mold is done.


Almost 20kg of silicone and over 10kg of resin and fibreglass mixed and used to create it. Next stage is to cast the final piece, but this is going to have to wait until the end of the month until i get some cash as the mold shell not only took a lot more resin that i had estimated, but the resin was on the brink of going off so only really any good for making the shell. So i now need to get another 10 -15kg resin.


The silicone mold can luckily be rolled up to save on pace until its needed. The sculpt has now been cut up in pieces and in bin bags awaiting disposal. So i finally have some room to work on other things.


In the mean time i started making The Wampa padded body suit. I need to modify the mannequin torso i have so i can move the arms outwards to do the padding for the arms. In the photo i have just draped the fur over the current stage of the body suit just to see how the fur will hang, so the cutting and sewing stage hasn’t been started yet.



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