Progress Report – July

Here’s this month’s update from Adywan:

Things are moving a little slower than i had hoped. The Han in Carbonite sculpt is almost complete. I just need to cast my other hand and add it to the sculpt. But that’s what is causing the hold up. Not an easy task to take a casting of my hand on my own, especially in the position it needs to be. I did think about just pouring the alginate into a container and then pushing my hand into it. But the chances of getting my hand out without damaging the alginate mold aren’t worth the risk. It needs to be cast flat. So, as this is impossible to do on my own, i am just waiting for a friend to become available so he can come over and help me out.

As you may know i do have a full casting of the original HiC prop. So why don’t i just take a casting of the hands and use them? Well, to be honest, the casting i received is so poorly done, most of the details have gone. The carbonite detailing around the body is almost smooth. The hands are in terrible condition with no detail left whatsoever along with casting problems. It seems like it was a lot of generations down from the original mold. Its also had some modifications done somewhere down the line to make casting easier, with the fingers fused together and a lot of filling in to remove the original undercuts. So, no, there is no possible way to use this for anything apart from the trousers and boot sections.


In the mean time, as you can see by the picture, the HiC sculpt is taking up all my workspace. It’s too fragile to risk moving it, plus there is no where in the workroom that i could safely put it. So, at the moment, i’m just going through the edit fine tuning a few shots here and there. I have also decided to start working on the audio, which will speed things up as i now have the edit locked down in it’s length and editing.

So , what does this mean for the edit? Well, at the moment i don’t know. Apart from a couple of effects shots being finalised, it’s just me now working on it. All the model work is being done solely by me. I’m not some effects house where i have a team of people working on them in order to get things done quicker. I’m just one person, working from home, during any spare time i may have. So delays happen. Which is why i really want to avoid giving release dates.

Another thing is that Episode 7 is on the horizon. There is no way i would even think of releasing ESB:R close to that release date or even shortly after. It would be madness.

So, i will know more in the months to come.

Oh and please don’t bother with the sarcastic comments about how it’s never going to get released, how i keep adding stuff ( which i don’t) , etc etc. If that is the case then i would have stopped a long time ago. I’m not going to put all this time, effort and money into something and NOT finish it. I know it’s taken a long time to complete. Maybe one day i will fully explain everything that has happened not only in my personal life, but also problems encountered with doing something like this that has caused the long delays. Most people would have given up long ago. But i refuse to. This WILL be completed. I am NOT adding stuff i never originally intended.

There will be a clip uploaded in the next couple of days. I’ll be uploading a clip starting from the Gantry lightsaber duel right up until they escape Bespin. So keep checking back here……


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