Red Eye Reduction?

One of the subtle changes to ANH in Revisited is the fact that Vader’s eyes are no longer red tinted, but black as in ESB and ROTJ. In a post today on about Vader having red eyes in “Star Wars: Rebels”, Adywan expanded on his change:

…it was more down to the fact that the red lenses used were not very well tinted. It caused the viewer to be able to see the face behind the mask. Back in ’77 you weren’t sure if Vader was man or machine or what he was ( which the prequels ruin if you watch them in order), but seeing a human face behind the eyes kind of spoiled that thanks to home video. When i started ANH:R, that was one of the first things i changed. It helped mask the face behind it. I was still learning the tools at the time as i had never touched any grading or fx software before and just plain darkening the eyes didn’t yield good enough results. Plus, the colouring is so messed up on the DVDs/ BluRays that his lenses aren’t red throughout. It was either alter the shots where you could see how red the lenses were, which was easy with desaturation, or mask every shot and recolour them red throughout. Again, at the time, i was still learning and wasn’t sure how to accomplish that.  Another reason was to give continuity with the colour of the other two helmets from ESB & ROTJ ( i was going to remove the yellow tint from ROTJ). Now i know how to remove the face but keep the lenses intact and have them consistent throughout, and that i’m not going to alter them in ROTJ, the red eyes will be back when i do the HD version.

So good news for all you Red-Eye Vader lovers out there, he’s coming back.

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