Lead Up To May The Fourth

With May 4th on the horizon, this weekend will see a few more updates on here leading up to Monday when i will post a brand new clip which will show the scene above in our page cover photo. Yes, you will get to see the Nobby White Spider in motion.

This also ties into another thing that will be happening this weekend……

It’s time for me to start clearing some space so i can move onto the final stages of the model building. So, over the weekend or early next week, i will start putting some of the miniatures/ props up for sale. Starting with the Dagobah trees. The trees will be for sale on ebay individually, mounted on 5mm foam board ( as seen in the photo). They will have a Buy-it-now price of just £13 + postage ( approx 20 USD+ postage depending upon the exchange rates) . There will be a total of about 27 up for sale and all proceeds go directly back into the making of the Revisited saga. They measure approx 30cm high and the base approx 16cm x 16cm. If you are interested in purchasing one of these items , then please comment below. There will be other props/ models available shortly, but i need to get these out of the way first because they take up a lot of space.

Also during the lead up to May 4th, i will be posting a few more behind the scenes photos of the miniatures. The modifications and lighting on the Millennium Falcon 1/72 Fine Molds model is almost complete , so painting will commence in the next few days.

There may even be a sneak peek of the Han In Carbonite full scale prop, but this may not be until later in the week unless i can clear enough space to finish working on it this weekend.

May will be the month where a LOT of the remaining stuff will be completed and the final item that needs creating, the Wampa, i will begin the final sculpt and start creating the suit.

So, be prepared for more regular updates……


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