Wampa Fix

One of the last things Adywan will be working on for Empire Strikes Back Revisited is a new Wampa to help unite the look throughout the movie. In the latest entry of our “Change Explain” series, I’ll show you why Ady feels this is necessary.

The first time we see the Wampa’s face, it was a puppet made by Phil Tippet and shot in the United States.

Here’s a picture of his being filmed on the puppeteer’s arm.

The next time we see the Wampa (at least in the Special Edition), is when it’s snacking on Luke’s poor Tauntaun and is disturbed by Luke waking up.
ILM artist Howie Weed created and wore the new Wampa suit in a miniature set.

The shot of the Wampa lunging towards Luke was in the original theatrical edition.

This was a Stuart Freeborn full-sized costume (seen here from an abandoned sequence where we’d see the Wampa dragging Luke and the Tauntaun back to his lair):

The reaction shot of the Wampa after Luke cuts its arm off was added for the Special Edition.
Once again, this was Howie Weed in the suit.

As you can see, the Wampa in the finished film (as seen on the Blu-ray)  has three very different looks for being the same creature. Adywan is building a new puppet he hopes to use to replace some of these shots and remove the others to create a single look for the Wampa.

Don’t even get me started on all the different Wampa looks for the deleted scenes


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