The Plan For The Future

Today it was back to work on Revisited. During the break i began to plan out the direction i will be going for the following films. As you know , i will be working on the remaining films in one go. Madness you say? Well, probably, yes. But it will keep things fresh for me. I won’t get bogged down with one thing.

Models will now be going to a larger scale. Ships will be 1/48 instead of 1/72 as i have been working with on ESB:R. So expect larger scale sets. I recently purchased the Hasbro Millennium falcon playset. This thing is amazing. It’s basically 1/48 scale so will be perfect to work with. A LOT of modifications need to be done to it to bring it up to filming quality, but it will be a damn site easier, and cheaper, than building it from scratch. So,there will be lots of progress reports to look forward to from that build.

I will also need to find some good 1/48 kits of B-Wings, A-Wings but especially Y-Wings. Fine molds did a pretty good 1/48 X-wing but, thanks to them now being discontinued, they’re rocketing in price. It seems i missed out on kits of these scales by some talented builders and don’t really see them available any more. Just my luck. lol.

In the next few months i’ll be doing a casting call for not only costumers who fancy lending a hand but also FX talent. This thing is going to be a HUGE task, so the Revisited team will need all the help it can get and needs to grow to have any chance of accomplishing our goal. With ESB:R hopefully out of the way within the next 6 months, things need to begin to move forward.

Now most of the live action filming will be taking place in the Midlands, UK, with the Endor shoot taking place in California. Over here (UK) there will be a lot of greensreen work for characters to place into, mainly, the prequels. I will need a couple of Sandtroopers and Stormtroopers for definite , but this will be for minor stuff and the shot would only take one day (probably just a few hours TBH). Also shooting here will be the new rebel pilots ( and maybe a TIE pilot too) for the Endor space battle.

There will also be a lot more, but details will surface once ESB:R is complete .

So, if anyone thinks they can help out with FX work, then please contact the Revisited team through private messaging here. And that also goes for anyone who has any 1/48 kits they want to get rid of, anyone who has a Sandtrooper, Stormtrooper costume that is in the UK and can get to the Wolverhampton and can lend a few hours for the shoot. There will be more costumers needed, but again details will emerge closer to the time.


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