March 2014 Update 2

Another quick note from Adywan on the FB Page:

Not much happening this week. All work on the speeder flaps is now complete and all the video work for those have been completed and added into the editing timeline. Next thing to do is get the HiC [Han in Carbonite] finished and out of the way. But i may just start sculpting the Wampa first instead. Not too sure yet. The HiC is taking up a little too much space in my workroom so probably best to get that done first.

I may well start to sell off some items soon, depending on how much interest there would be in them. Things like the speeder flap, sections of the asteroid canyon etc. I have also been thinking about doing a strictly limited edition run of a cast from the shield generator model, fully painted ( can’t sell the original as that is one of the donators prizes up for grabs). This will help fund the next films as there is a hell of a lot to do with those ones and ESB:R is going to look like a walk in the park compared to those. lol


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