Christmas 2013 Update

Well Christmas is almost upon us.

The bulbs i ordered [for filming the canyon] were finally delivered yesterday, a week after their estimated delivery date. This has caused all sorts of problems. With the canyon filling up the dining room, i need to get this filmed and out of the way by the weekend at the latest, which is when i will be halting everything until after the holidays. This means there is no way it is going to get a 2013 release. So this next 2 days will be a race to get filming on certain elements finished and out of the way. These include the canyon, the shield generator model and the speeder flaps. but once the canyon is complete and dismantled, filming the other two should easily be done in a day. I’m assembling the canyon right now, adding the finishing touches and doing some test runs.

In the New Year i shall be starting the Wampa and finishing off the carbonite model. While i am doing this i will also be able to finish the 2 hangar models. So it will be a mad rush to the finish. There are about 10-15 shots left that need effects added, not counting the shots that require the models/ miniatures, but these can be completed very quickly once filming is finished.

I did try my hardest to get this edit finished for the end of the year, but you can’t control outside forces. with the delay of being able to get the carbonite prop and the bulbs etc this put me back about 3 months. So i would now say that we are looking at a February/ March release.

Anyway, here is the almost completed canyon model. This isn’t the filming lighting but just a quick snapshot with household lighting.




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