GOOD NEWS (was Bad News)

Well, it’s been too long without a disaster:

“Well that’s just screwed everything up on the Revisited front. Heard back from my insurance company that they WILL NOT be paying out for my damaged camera. After the quote to fix it came too close to the cost of a brand new one they would have replaced it new for old. But they are now saying that the model number on my camera does not match the one they have on their records. They’ve bloody put it was a Canon 500d and NOT the 550d that i have. I ask for the recording of the phone call when i made the claim and they can’t find it. How surprising. They will only replace it for a refurbished 500d as a good will gesture, up to the value of £150, which is bloody useless as you cannot change any of the settings when filming video on that camera so useless for filming the miniatures. Screw you kwikfit insurance. If they had put down the correct model number then i could have used the voucher towards a 650d instead, but now what the hell am i supposed to do? Waste of time having the new for old insurance at the higher premium.”

We will be looking into alternatives.

UPDATE: Alternatives have been found!


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