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Adywan has confirmed a few details about how he will continue the Revisted Saga past this point:

Ok, now we’ve got April 1st out of the way i can now make an announcement about the future of the Revisited saga. I will no longer be working on ROTJ:R after i have finished ESB:R………

Oh no, i will be working on ALL 5 REMAINING HD VERSIONS OF THE SAGA.

I know, it it probably the most insane thing i could ever attempt; TPM:R, AOTC:R, ROTS:R, ROTJ:R and ANH:R-HD all being done simultaneously. Why have i gone completely insane and decide to do this? Well its all to do with logistics. For the PT i really need to film extra scenes, new characters and this also goes for some extra stuff needed for ROTJ. If i can find people to fill these roles then wouldn’t it be easier for me to get the filming done in one or a few big shoots instead of trying to get everyone back throughout the years of making these?

Also it would stop me getting bored with doing the same movie or grind to a halt because i’m stuck on a certain shot. While i’m planning ROTJ:R i can be doing the ground work on the PT, working out how i can accomplish all the things i want to do and even if these ideas can work.

I’ll start off with a complete colour correction of all films, making the PT look closer to the OT in terms of colouring and a little less like they were shot on HD cameras, but more like 35mm film. These films need to match visually when watching 1-6. The PT are most likely going to be shorter films than they are now. Probably coming in at around 1hr 30mins.

So what do i have planned for the PT?……

C-3P0 will NOT be built by anakin or even work on the Lars farm. He won’t even see Tatooine until Ep4. Instead he will be attached to Amidala/ Padme. After all he is a protocol droid. Why the hell would Anakin build a protocol droid for his Mum?

Anakin NEVER referred to as Vader and Vader will be the one storming the Jedi Temple, not Anakin ( and no youngling slaughter either). If things plan out how i envision then you won’t know that Anakin and Vader are one and the same until ESB

Anakin’s turn to the dark side will not have anything to do with the thought of Padme dying in childbirth. It will be switched back to the original storyline that George even started filming, that it will be a seduction of power.


And hopefully a certain Moff will make more of an appearance throughout the final prequel too….

And thats just a few things.

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