Battle of Hoth Clip Released!

Finally, the video you’ve all been waiting for is here!

Well here it is. Although we haven’t yet reached 100% of the target, we are now down to double figures so i thought that i would upload the clip now because i’m going to be pretty busy working on ESB:R from now on. It runs for approx 2 1/2 minutes and shows the beginning of the Battle of Hoth. I know i said originally that you would get to see the new shield generator, but i didn’t realise until i started rendering the clip that the generator isn’t seen until after the clip ends. I will post some screenshots next week sometime so you can see it in the movie.

There are a few tweaks here and there left to do but overall it is 100% complete. As always the audio track is only a temporary track and will be missing sound effects as the audio track won’t be started work on until after the video side of things is 100% complete.

Oh, and you’ll know the big secret when you see it so please try not to spoil it for others that might not have seen the clip yet when commenting.

And once again a HUGE thanks to everyone that donated. This just wouldn’t be possible without your support

– Adywan

(Make sure you turn HD on as Vimeo’s SD version is pretty low quality)

“BATTLE OF HOTH” CLIP from esbr revisited on Vimeo.

ESB:R “Battle of Hoth” comparison from ady wan on Vimeo.


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