Adywan is wrapping up his work on Empire Revisited, but needs one last donation push

Well, it does look like i will have to make another, and this time final, donation drive. I was hoping that the last one would have been the final one and that i would be able to finance the remainder myself. But, after working out my everyday finances, i will be only able to finance a very small amount of what is left. I really didn’t want to have to do this again for ESB:R, but there is no way of avoiding it i’m afraid.

So here it is….

BUT…. i will now be adding EXTRA PRIZES for the donation draw that will be taking place once everything is made and filmed ( so winners will be able to make their choice of top prize once they can see the finished item).

Now here are the extra prizes……..

I will be adding an extra 10 runners up prizes of the personally signed a3 print of the original painting used for the EP4 Revisited DVD cover.

There will also now be an extra main prize…… Anyone who donates £25 or more will get entered into a separate draw to win the snowspeeder model. If you have donated multiple times then it is your total in donations that get counted and not just a single donation, so if you have donated more than £25 then you will automatically get entered into this extra draw. You can see it’s progress here:

As you can see in the description it has been modified so that it closer resembles the studio version of the model. I will post more photos of the finished model once it is done.

Now these extra prizes are on top of the ones originally offered, but they are still a part of the same draw. So that means that previous donators that will be a part of the draw will still be eligible to win the extras.

Full details about the donation prize draw can be found here:

Again, thank you to everyone that has helped make this edit possible.

Once i have all the materials needed then i will announce here that the donations will be closed. Any that may be received after this date will saved and used for ROTJ:R

In addition to all that, Adywan recently added this incentive:

If we can get to the target mark by the end of this month I will release a new clip that will reveal the BIGGEST ESB:R secret – The battle of Hoth. You’ll get an early peak at how i have made the AT-AT’s less like stop-motion animation, how i have made the trooper that says “Echo station 3T8” actually look like he is saying those words, instead of something completely different as it stands in the original, the new incorporated shield generator model and a few other fixes.

You’ve got to trust me when I tell you that you’re going to want to see this clip. So donate now using the PayPal button to the right!

This is a reminder that all proceeds go to equipment to do these fan edits (hard drives, models, materials, etc) & none of it is used by anyone for any other purpose. We’d also like to remind you to purchase a Blu-ray copy of Empire Strikes Back before downloading the final version.


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