A New Hope Revisited Fan Audio Commentary!

Described as “a commentary that definitely exists”*, this website and Commentary Track Stars have teamed up to bring you a fan audio commentary on Star Wars: A New Hope Revisited! Not so much a scene-by-scene commentary as it is a discussion on the film & what it represents, some say that “you don’t even have to be watching the movie to enjoy it!”*. Join Max & Drew as they talk over your favorite fan edit in what is probably the first fan commentary on a fan edit ever released!

Listen now!

*All quotes are probably just made up by Drew/doubleofive.
The opinions presented in this commentary do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else affiliated with Adywan.

About doubleofive

Nerd/Geek. Webmaster for Star Wars Revisited, former co-host of Standard Orbit on Trek.fm. Hero of 7-year-olds everywhere.
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