A New Hope Revisited Fan Audio Commentary!

Described as “a commentary that definitely exists”*, this website and Commentary Track Stars have teamed up to bring you a fan audio commentary on Star Wars: A New Hope Revisited! Not so much a scene-by-scene commentary as it is a discussion on the film & what it represents, some say that “you don’t even have to be watching the movie to enjoy it!”*. Join Max & Drew as they talk over your favorite fan edit in what is probably the first fan commentary on a fan edit ever released!

Listen now!

*All quotes are probably just made up by Drew/doubleofive.
The opinions presented in this commentary do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else affiliated with Adywan.

About doubleofive

Curator of Star Wars Visual Comparisons, webmaster for Star Wars Revisited, former co-host of Standard Orbit podcast, all around nerd.
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